Friday, February 1, 2013

gastroschisis awareness

Hello, Jess here from sick-land. Yes, my boys are sick again- surprise, surprise, right? But I decided to hop on for a minute to talk about a nonprofit organization that is near and dear to my heart.

Avery's Angels is a nonprofit organization founded by a mother who lost her son, Avery, to gastroschisis complications when he was in the NICU. I found a lot of support and comfort through their founders and facebook group when I was pregnant with Elliot. Please, if you have time, take a moment to visit and "like" their facebook page.

Did you know the cause of gastroschisis is still unknown, even though it is on the rise? Current statistics show that it affects 1 in every 2,229 babies. It is far more common than many other birth defects, yet nobody knows why it happens. The people at Avery's Angels are trying to change this. 

The amazing people at Avery's Angels are working on an awareness video with before and after pictures of gastro babies to use in their PR campaign. I put together this little collage for them :)

Everytime I look at pictures from Elliot's time in the NICU, I get emotional. It's amazing how far he has come, and what a happy, and (mostly) healthy little boy he is now! God is great! 

Someday, when we get our finances under control, we would love to donate to Avery's Angels, and many other nonprofits. We also love the Ronald McDonald house- that's where we stayed the entire time Elliot was in the NICU. It was great to be so close to the hospital and they provided a lot of meals and activities, too... as well as a shuttle to and from the hospital that ran from early morning until late night. St. Jude's is another nonprofit I really love.

Do you (or would you) donate to any nonprofit organizations? Which ones?