Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christmas in July :)

I was recently given the opportunity to review a christmas ornament from Christmas At first, I thought, what a strange time to review an ornament! After all, Christmas is a long ways away! When I stopped to think about it more, though, I realized that summertime is the perfect time to shop for ornaments {and other Christmas things}.
If you're anything like me, come November and December, you're running around frantically trying to plan holiday parties and vacations, hanging Christmas lights, and trying to finish all of your Christmas shopping... so finding the perfect decorations is usually the last thing on your mind.
Ornaments can often make the best gifts, especially if you take the time to personally choose something that fits each individual person. Our tree is full of ornaments we received as gifts. Each year, as we dig the ornaments out of their boxes and place them on the tree, we relive the memories connected to each one.

The ornament I chose to review was the "Snuggle Bunny", which can be found here. It reminded me of my little snuggler Elliot and, quite frankly, it's adorable! The ornament is very well made. It would probably even survive being dropped once or twice, which is important when you have small children. I can't wait to hang it on our tree this December!
To get your own ornament, visit this wonderful website today!


  1. I am so happy things are going better with your son since he (and you) have been through so much. You may also like their angel ornaments ( since they are supposed to protect us.

  2. Very cute! I think I might have to get myself one of those!


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