Monday, September 9, 2013

our plans have changed again... but at least my kids are still cute

I have decided I am a unpredictable blogger. I blame part of this on the fact that our plans are always changing. I tend to get an idea, get super excited, and run with it. Then the army (or in this case, the VA) throws us a curveball or two and our plans have to change, and I get discouraged and simply stop blogging for awhile.

It's happened again. Our plans changed. Instead of moving to Costa Rica this winter/spring... we will instead be moving to... wait for it... northern Michigan. Womp womp womp. Why? Well, the VA is now teaming up with the good ol' Army and making things really difficult for us. Trying to plan anything, let alone a move overseas, is nearly impossible right now. Deadlines keep getting pushed back, news keeps changing, and nothing about our financial future is set in stone. All of this was making me really uneasy. As a result, the sensible side of me pushed the dreamer to the side and developed a whole new grand plan.

You see, my little boys are lucky enough to have three sets of grandparents all in one town. The same small, safe town where Aaron and I met and fell in love. Said town also happens to have a community college with a welding degree that my husband is quite interested in. And Aaron has access to a pretty amazing GI Bill, which is probably the only real thing he will have to show for the past six years he spent in the army, other than a few tattoos and a metal plate in his head. Are you seeing where I'm going with this, yet?

We're going to move back to Aaron's hometown, where Aaron will go to college. As for me? Well, I'll mostly be doing the same thing that I've been doing all along- working on my photography and raising my two rambunctious little boys, except that we will also be starting to homeschool (pre-k), we will be able to spend a lot more time with family, and I might enroll in a college class or two myself- because I really miss it! Oh, and let's not forget the fact that half the year we'll be buried under snow. I'm not looking forward to that part. Hopefully during the winter I'll be able to keep myself busy indoors (because in case you didn't know, I am not a winter-loving girl) and of course I'll be continuing to plan our future move out of the country. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that although we will be spending 1-3 years back in Michigan, my husband and I are both bent on moving out of the country soon after Aaron gets his degree. 

So that's the plan! I can't promise a timeframe or anything like that, because let's face it- we're still waiting. Sitting ducks. In case you're wondering what we've been up to, well- it's been hot. Here we are in the second week of September and it is still in the 100's every day. But the heat doesn't bother my boys one bit, so we've been spending lots of time outside. And inside doing crafts, too. More blog posts about later ;)

I'll leave you to ponder about our ever-changing life with a few recent pictures of the boys. See? I told you they were still cute ;) At least that will never change. I hope. 

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  1. Sorry about the change of plans... and the long winters! I'm NOT a winter girl either. We just moved from Dallas to Kansas City and I'm not looking forward to the cold. It sounds like you will be a in a great place, though, and being close to family will be amazing. It's so hard not having Judah's grandparents nearby.
    Love the pictures! Especially that last one of Emmett looking over his Daddy's shoulder! Are those baltic amber and hazelwood necklaces? I have a baltic amber one for Judah and it has SAVED our lives while he's been getting his molars.

  2. Precious boys! Good luck with the move <3

  3. Love that first photo of your two boys!

  4. I live in the lower Michigan and I am not a winter loving girl which is hard since well... Michigan weather is unpredictable and ridiculous. 90 degree weather one day, 60 the next? Yea that does wonders on my sinuses. But I do love the fall and the small town festivals and events that go on around me :).

  5. I grew up in Michigan and even though I've lived on the East Coast for the past 13 years, if the opportunity came up, I would move my family back to Michigan in a heartbeat :) Just think of all the winter memories you will capture with your boys in the snow! But that also comes from a Winter-loving girl :) Good luck with your plans and I hope the Army agrees with you and doesn't make it too difficult.


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