Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello, Spring!

Since we moved to Michigan in the middle of February, we were lucky enough to miss half of the worst winter northern Michigan has had in years. I'm thankful for that, but even still, as April rolled around, we were more than ready for the sun to shine, the snow to melt, and warm spring weather. At first, I was skeptical, but I feel fairly confident in announcing that Spring has finally arrived in northern Michigan! Granted, we will probably still get hit with the occasional cold spell and snowfall, but for the most part, it's warming up. The snow is almost completely gone now! 

I took these pictures last week- the snow in this picture has completely melted now!

As soon as the snow in the woods was thin enough for the boys to tromp through, we went off exploring our very own 100 acre woods. We didn't meet any bouncing tigers or honey-filled bears, but we did discover that the trails are lined with blackberry and raspberry bushes, and growing between the red pines, maple. and oak tress are some pretty gnarly thorn apple trees. The boys had a blast, of course. They arrived back home red-cheeked and covered in mud and burrs, but they couldn't be happier. They love exploring outside, and that in turn makes ME very happy as well. We are raising little outdoorsmen. This spring and summer are sure to be filled with adventures. I can't wait!

As you may have noticed, last week we welcomed the newest member into our family. We decided not to take our chances with another baby bunny (none of us wanted to go through that heartache again!) and instead decided to get a puppy. After all, as our landlord Wally said, "Every boy needs to grow up with a puppy!" I was perusing craigslist last Wednesday morning when I stumbled upon her ad. I knew almost instantly we were getting her (my husband was still asleep- but she is partially his favorite breed, so I knew he wouldn't argue). Plus, she was FREE! Craigslist is plastered with free puppies/dogs in Texas, but everyone up here wants to make a buck.

Her name is Lulu and she is a shepherd/lab mix. She just turned nine weeks old today. So far, she is fitting right into the family- she follows the boys pretty much everywhere. She sleeps at the foot of our bed and has only had a couple accidents in the last 9 days- which is pretty amazing for a puppy her age. We just love her :)

I can't believe Easter weekend is TOMORROW! This will be our first Easter at home for the boys- and three sets of grandparents are coming over for a little Easter feast. It's supposed to be really warm, but it's also supposed to rain... fingers crossed that it waits until the afternoon because the Easter Bunny has plans for the boys ;)

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you get to spend this blessed holiday with your family. ♥ 

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