Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elliot: 8 months!

Elliot is eight months old today. I barely batted an eyelash when he turned seven months {after all, it was right after Daddy came home!}. In fact, I was so busy and distracted that I completely forgot to do a seven month post! But don't worry, folks. When Elliot woke up today, he crawled over to me and started smacking me in the face while squealing with delight. It was as if he was saying, "Wake up! I'm EIGHT MONTHS OLD, mama!" What a nice wake up call, right?

This month:
♥ Elliot weighs 16.95 lbs and is 28" long- that puts him at the 5th percentile.
♥ he is wearing all 3-6 month clothing
♥ he is eating 7 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day and I'm happy to announce that he now goes SEVEN HOURS without a bottle at night! He has a bottle before bed {between 9 and 10pm}, and I don't offer him another, even if he wakes up in between, until his 4-5am wakeup
♥ we're working on sleep training Dr. Sears style. Thanks to that, he USUALLY sleeps 5 1/2 hours before waking up at 4-5am, when he comes to bed with us. He usually wakes up again around 6am and gets up for the day between 8 and 8:30.
♥ he eats 4-5 ounces of homemade fruit or veggie purees 3x a day. His favorites are sweet potato and peas.
♥ he loves to eat fruits and veggies in his mesh feeder
♥ he fell into a very reliable schedule and almost always naps at 10, 2, and 5.
♥ he has SIX TEETH!
♥ he has mastered sitting up on his own, crawling on all fours, RUNNING in his walker, pulling up to stand, and cruising along furniture
♥ he loves to "swim" and splash in the pool
♥ he has started throwing tantrums by arching his back and flinging himself backwards in your arms or throwing himself on the floor. He hates to be told "NO."
♥ he still LOVES to go outside and gets very cranky if he's cooped up inside
♥ he is fascinated with a number of things which he isn't supposed to touch/ play with: the door stoppers, which make a fun "BOING!" sound, wires and cords, and blinds
♥ our new apartment complex has a duck pond and he loves to feed the ducks!
♥ he always tries to crawl away during diaper changes
♥ he often cries when I leave the room {even if he is happily playing with Daddy}
♥ he is VERY talkative. He's always babbling away, loves to blow raspberries, and squeals when he's excited

and now, since I haven't said it yet {you knew it was coming}
Holy cow! My baby boy is EIGHT MONTHS old!


  1. Happy 8months Elliot! Presley also turns 8months old today!

    They grow soo fast!

  2. 8months old and keeping you on your toes by the sound of it :)

  3. happy 8 months!

    What a special little fella. :)

    Lucy sleeps pretty much the same way at night. wakes at 5, sleeps with us then wakes at 8.

  4. happy 8 months!!!

    so glad to hear that he is sleeping better.


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