Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life in the new house.

Well, we moved into our new townhouse on Monday! We've basically just been living in an empty house for the past few days, because all of our furniture and possessions aren't getting delivered until tomorrow. Daddy has been at work so Elliot and I have been finding creative ways to entertain ourselves... the pool and duck pond are our two favorite places to spend our time!
It's been 107 degrees two days in a row now. It's a nice dry heat, though. I LOVE IT! Honestly! The locals think we're nuts but Aaron and I are just loving this heat and soaking up the sunshine.

Elliot is learning things at an incredible rate right now. Every morning, he wakes up and does something new. It's as if he has "impress mama" written on his little mental to-do list. Just in the last few days he has really mastered pulling himself up to stand {using almost anything}, crawling on his hands and knees, going from sitting to crawling all on his own {he used to yell for me to put him on his belly if he wanted something... now he can take off on his own!}, ripping the elephants off the toy bar on his pack n play, and drinking water out of a cup.

I'm also pleased to announce that he slept in HIS ROOM for three nights in a row now. And he's only woken up 3-4 times a night! Hooray! This is nice for three reasons:
1. He can listen to his music all night long and WE don't have to
2. Our air mattress is simply not big enough for the 3 of us
3. We don't have to worry about Aaron waking Elliot up at 5am when he gets ready for PT.

Here are some pictures of him playing in his new {empty!} room this morning. I'll be sure to take pictures of our new place either tomorrow or the next day once everything is put away!

IMG_7739 copy

IMG_7751 copy

IMG_7747 copy

IMG_7758 copy
One of his cutest new habits: carrying things in his mouth like a puppy when he crawls.

IMG_7773 copy

IMG_7772 copy

IMG_7782 copy
I'm gonna get those ellies...

IMG_7786 copy

IMG_7767 copy
Smiley boy :)


  1. You take the most beautiful pictures! Do you use photoshop to edit?

  2. He is too stinkin' cute!!! :-)

  3. haha I LOVE how he carries his toys. And seriously he gets cutter every time I see a new pic!!! Congrats on the new house!

  4. Haven't visited in a few days, so u can imagine my reaction when ur page loaded and I see that adorable face!!! He is changing so much! Congrats Elliot on all your new accomplisments! He looks so cute crawling to u with that big beautiful smile. I know how happy n relieved u must feel. Everything is running along nice, Aaron is back, Elliot is thriving in his new environment and you all love the heat happy for u all. U guys deserve this. Jess your pics were stunning..once again. The angles, the brightness , the colors you capture...everything looks so clean and cute and BABY!! Great job. Thnx for sharing..his face always makes my day. Sigh ...sorry for yet another loonng comment.

  5. I know you've said before on your blog what type of camera you use, but please do tell again if you don't mind! I want to find a good one to take pics of my 5 month old doll.....and you do such an INCREDIBLE job on pictures!


  6. Etoisa- I know, I love it too!!

    Trish- thank you for another really nice, long comment. Just curious since there is no link with your name- do I know you in real life? If I do, silly me! If not, thanks for visiting my blog so often!

    Anonymous- I have a Canon Rebel XS, and these pictures were taken with a Canon 50mm lens that I bought separately :) It's my first DSLR and I LOVE IT!

  7. These pictures are really too cute! I cannot believe that he's crawling and pulling up on things! I feel like I've watched him grow up on your blog, and it's crazy how big he's getting!

  8. Adorable such a cheeky face, Well done to him sleeping a bit better least you can get some rest. I love that he carries everything in his mouth my Joshy is at the stage of chewing on everything to.

  9. Good luck in your new place! Look how big Elliot is getting!! My goodness! :)


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