Sunday, April 22, 2012

catching up.

We're alive. I swear. We have been SUPER busy and I just haven't had the time or energy to blog lately. Soo, let's play a little game of catch up, shall we?

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Elliot finally got better... and then got sick again. He was better for about a week, and now he has another cough and nose full of green snot. I don't know if it's allergies or some kind of bug that he just can't shake... but it's driving me insane.

IMG_3684 copy
My sweet baby boy turned 16 months old.

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It has been hot here in Texas so we have been spending most of our time outside. Elliot wouldn't have it any other way!

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IMG_3645 copy

IMG_3553 copy
Elliot started WALKING!! He went from only taking a step or two to walking clear across the room, or around the pool, etc... in one day. I suspect he was just fooling us all along.

IMG_3672 copy
Elliot has become a collector. Every time we go outside, he walks around collecting sticks, bark, flowers, grass, etc... as much as he can fit into his hands. Then he insists on bringing his collections home with him. It's pretty darn cute.

IMG_3668 copy
I am 33 weeks pregnant. Where has time gone?! It feels like I took that pregnancy test just days ago! I've been having a lot more contractions and some intense pressure lately. My feet, ankles, and knees are also swelling really bad now, like they did in the last weeks before Elliot was born. I'm fairly certain that he is going to be bigger than Elliot was. His movement is SO much stronger (and more painful!). I also think he is mostly transverse/breech. He seems to always be pressing/driving his head into my right ribcage, like Elliot did. It is extremely uncomfortable, especially when I'm sitting down. I'm always wondering if Sully is planning an early arrival, like his brother, or if he is going to stay in there for the long haul.

The final, BEST news ever:
Aaron is now not deploying until October! Which means he will be home for the birth and first months of Sullivan's life (the months he missed with Elliot). It should also give me plenty of time to adjust to caring for two babies and establish a good routine. I am SO relieved!!


  1. Yaaay!!!!! Praise God on the news of Aaron's deployment! That's so wonderful!

    I'm happy to see an update from you. I was wondering how you guys were doing. As usual Elliot is just getting more and more adorable.

  2. okay, that belly is so cute!!! elliot started walking just in time for that new little baby to be here, so he can take off & have you chase him, haha!!!

    so glad to hear the deployment was pushed back!!! how awesome that daddy gets to be around & it's fantastic you'll have some help while establishing your new routine :)

  3. That is the best news ever! SO excited for you that he will be there to experience it all. Congratulations on having a walker as well, he looks like such a big boy now :).

  4. What a blessing that he isn't deploying until October! That's great news! :) I can't get over how blonde Elliot's hair is!

  5. E taught T how to collect... we have a ton of sticks he's brought inside now...

  6. THANK GOD!!!! i bet that is a load of your mind!!!

    Fingers crossed everything is ok with Sully and that he turns and stays in their all the way.

    You look stunning and i love the fact you dont look like you've put on any weight apart from the belly of course.

    that time has gone sooo quick and poor elliot bless him hopefully you'll find out whats wrong with him soon x

  7. I am so glad he will be home until Oct!! That is the best news!

  8. Thank God!! I am so happy that Aaron doesn't have to miss the birth and your family of 4 can have those special first moments together!!

  9. Yay for Aaron not deploying until October! That must be such a weight off your mind! I was lucky that Anthony didn't deploy after James was born. 5 deployments pre-baby were enough for me! xx

  10. That's Brilliant news about Aaron!
    Elliot is as cute as ever, we are changing to fluffy nappies, just waiting for them to be delivered ;)
    Can't wait! Your little Elliot shows them off so well, perfect little advertiser he is x x


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