Wednesday, April 4, 2012

still sick!

I know I haven't been blogging- no time. Here's an updated list of my poor Elliot's symptoms:

- fever finally gone after 4 days
- red, puffy eyes gone.
- 2 ear infections
- cough
- runny nose
- diarrhea-
the WORST. We've gone through nine diapers already in the two hours that he's been awake.
- RASH- this is new. Red, splotchy rash over his belly and back. Popped up out of nowhere yesterday evening, doesn't seem any worse this morning.

I'm thinking he may have Roseola on top of the ear infections. He seems to fit all the symptoms, especially now that the rash has appeared after his fever finally went away. That would actually be relatively good news because usually they get better shortly after the rash appears.

My poor baby!


  1. Poor little man.. I hope he starts feeling better soon xx

  2. Poor baby...and poor mama! I know how hard it is when little one is not feeling good :( Hopefully you'll be through the worst of it soon!! BTW - I just sent you an email about working on my blog. There is no hurry!! Take care of your little guy and just get back to me when things have settled down.

  3. Poor thing, he sounds like he is still a mess :(. Diarrhea (next to vomit) is the worst. Hope he feels better soon!

  4. plain yogurt on the rash really helps soothe and heal it. good luck!

  5. awww... I hope he feels better soon.

  6. Get better soon, little guy :[

  7. Hope you all feel healthy soon! Your blog is so lovely! :)


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