Friday, May 4, 2012

35 weeks!


How far along? 35 weeks.
Baby’s Size: a butternut squash- 17.2-18.7 inches & 4.2-5.8 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 32 lbs... yikes! I really don't think my face is as fat this time as it was when I was pregnant with Elliot, though. My belly seems much more round and centered. Maybe that's where all the weight is going ;)
Bellybutton: Out out out.
Stretchmarks: a few more have appeared on my belly itself- where I did NOT have any stretchmarks when I was pregnant with Elliot. They are small, and light... and I pray they stay that way and don't get too much worse.
Maternity Clothes: Nope!
Gender: a little brother.
Movement: Not as much movement lately, I think he's running out of room in there. Sitting is SO uncomfortable because he is constantly pressing his butt up under my ribs. It's really painful!
Sleep: Not as great lately, hard to get comfortable and I have to get up to pee 4+ times a night, usually.
Symptoms: braxton hicks, insane pressure down below, ribs feel like they are going to crack, lower back pain, heartburn, swollen feet/ankles/calves/knees, I CAN NOT SIT STILL... you know, all those typical glamourous end-of-pregnancy symptoms :)
Food Aversions: none
Food Cravings: sweets- ice cream, chocolate chip muffins, cookies, etc.
Best Moments this week: Elliot laughs everytime he sees my bare belly (if I'm changing, etc). It's SO stinking cute. We went for a long walk (which we haven't been doing as much lately) to the park Wednesday and I really enjoyed watching him climb all over the jungle gym. He is growing and changing so much, I can't believe I'm about to start fresh with another little one. Time truly flies, I'm going to try to enjoy every single stage of this new little baby's life.
What I miss: when my feet didn't look like I had elephantitus.
What I am Looking forward to: Meeting this baby boy and {dare I say it?} NOT being pregnant anymore. I realized today that I have been pregnant for almost a year and a half of the last three years. Wow!
Milestones: Full term in only TWO weeks (what the what?) and less than 5 weeks until my due date. Guys, I'm having a baby either this month or the beginning of the next- whaaaat?!


  1. 35 weeks already! This summer will def. bring a lot of {cute, adorable, chubby} little babies in the blog world!

  2. Your butternut squash looks so cute! Love that baby belly girl!

  3. Your butternut squash looks so cute! Love that baby belly girl!

  4. Wow! you are at 35 weeks pregnant, congrats you for getting pregnant, pics are excellent, this is the happy movement for you enjoy every movementPregnacy Weeks

  5. Congratulations!
    I am so excited to have my baby as well. Quite nervous as this is my first, and for the NICU stay. but extremely hopeful and ready!

  6. Cute belly! You're getting so close! Cannot wait to see photos of your new little bundle! xx


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