Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breastfeeding: revisited.

Some of you may remember my struggles with breastfeeding Elliot. Now, don't get me wrong- we got off to a rough start. The chances of breastfeeding him were pretty low to begin with, since he was born with a birth defect (of the GI tract, no less) and spent so many weeks in the NICU. He was first tube fed, then bottle fed, out of neccessity, and I was pumping around the clock. Despite our best efforts, he never did latch or nurse successfully. He ended up on formula, and that broke my heart.

So I thought, this time, I'll have a healthy baby and it will be a piece of cake! But... then Emmett was born five weeks early, which led to a whole host of problems, affecting most of all his ability to eat and gain weight. At first, it seemed like he would NEVER breastfeed. In fact, at one point, he was exclusively bottle fed, and I had all but given up hope- I had even stopped pumping! But then there was a light at the end of the tunnel in a team of wonderful pediatric nurse practitioners and lactation consultants.

It has been a long road, of multiple appointments a week, of pain, of latching difficulties, too short of feedings, too long of feedings, weight loss, then too much weight gain, formula supplementation, syringe feeding, sleepless nights, nipple shields, projectile spit up, bottles, pumping around the clock, wrestling him onto the breast, then I almost lost my milk supply completely BUT...

Emmett is now exclusively breastfed! ♥
& I couldn't be happier.

And I just wanted to say...

If you are trying to breastfeed, and struggling, don't give up. You CAN do it.

... and if it doesn't work out, that's okay. Formula is just fine too!

Either way, your baby is getting what he/she needs to grow... and that's all that really matters. Photobucket

Emmett sucking on the only other thing he likes other than the boob... his Daddy's finger.


  1. I'm super glad it's working out for you! Can't wait to meet the little guy :)

  2. very proud of you. A successful breastfeeding relationship is much more work than most think but it can be so rewarding! So happy for you and Emmett!

  3. Congratulations mama!
    He is so sweet and tiny. Oh bless!

  4. I'm so happy for you and what an encouraging journey to hear. As you may remember breastfeeding was such a struggle for me and I'm hoping it goes easier this time. If not, I'm determined to fight as hard as I can for it. It definitely sounds like you did! Good job!

  5. I am so happy for you and Emmett! <3

  6. Congratulations! Breastfeeding is definitely not as easy as it should be, my first went for six months with no problems then just up and quite. My second was a struggle, I pumped ahead for the first two months and almost gave up and went insane when he finally accepted the breast. And you are right, no matter how all it matters is your little person is getting fed :).

  7. I'm so glad it worked out! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to breastfeed with either of my girls. No matter how hard I tried, and no matter how long I pumped, my body just WOULDN'T produce milk. I'm still going to try again, though, if we have another. You never know, maybe third times a charm! :)

  8. Awesome, Jess!! Enjoy your breastfeedng relationship, for however long you and Emmett choose :)


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