Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Emmett: 1 month!

This month:

♥ Emmett weighs 7 lbs 6 oz {below the 5th percentile}
♥ he is wearing newborn and preemie clothes.
♥ he is wearing newborn disposables- we have a way to go before he will fit in cloth
♥ he is exclusively breastfed, and eats about every hour. In fact, if he had it his way, he would be on the boob 24/7! It took us awhile to get to this point, and after failing with Elliot, I am so happy to be able to breastfeed this baby!
♥ he really, REALLY likes to be held
♥ he is not sleeping very well/much at night. Mommy is super tired!
♥ we are cosleeping, and I LOVE it.
♥ he is MUCH more vocal than his brother was at this age. Maybe he will be an early talker?
♥ the only times he cries are if he's super hungry {he will root and whine/grunt for quite awhile first}, and when we wipe his bum {those wipes are cold!}


Dear baby Emmett,
Today, you are one month old. A whole month! Want to know the funny part? You actually aren't even supposed to be here yet. You weren't due until June 8th. You said, heck with that, and decided to make your grand entrance into this world five weeks early. You're already impatient, like your Daddy and brother. Oh boy. We'll have to work on that.
I can't imagine life without you. Yes, you've thrown a loop into our little family. We've had to change routines that have been in place for months now. Your big brother, Elliot, has had to adjust to not being the only little boy in this family. But he loves you, just as much as we do.
We've had our struggles, so far, this month. But what did you expect, when you came busting into this world a month early? You have already grown and changed so much in your first month here, and I can't wait to watch you grow.
I love you,




  1. Wow, he looks JUST like Elliot. He's so adorable!!!!

  2. Oh he is adorable. I just love the knit hat he is wearing.
    Are you going to do the monthly photos?

  3. 1 month wow! Lookin like such a big boy!

  4. He is so precious and adorable!!!!!!!! :)

  5. He looks a lot like big brother Elliot in a couple of those photos! :) He is so precious. Can't believe it's already been a month.

  6. He is adorable! Glad to hear breastfeeding is going well too. :-)


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