Monday, March 24, 2014

a new adventure begins

I'm happy to say we made it to Michigan safe and sound! Emmett and I arrived at the local airport in Texas before dawn, which I was less than thrilled about, but we were lucky enough to watch the sunrise from over 20,000 feet up in the sky, which was a new and exhilarating experience for me. It was a long day- three flights and two layovers followed by over an hour drive. The perfect recipe for a toddler meltdown, right? Well, luckily, despite it all, Emmett was a picture of perfection! I could hardly believe it.

Aaron and Elliot braved the 14,000 mile drive a couple days after Emmett and I landed in Michigan. It was Elliot's first long car drive, so I was nervous that Aaron would be facing some potential accidents and tantrums, but surprisingly, Elliot did just as well as Emmett! No accidents and no tears. I'm telling you, my boys must have been super excited to finally play with all of their grandparents in the snow, or something.

Speaking of snow, Elliot had been talking about all the things he wanted to do in the snow for months and months before moving. Neither he or his brother had EVER set foot in snow before! Building a snowman, having a snowball fight, and sledding were at the top of his list. Well, he has now gotten to do ALL of those things, and it was just as fun as he'd imagined. He asks to go outside pretty much every day, which is easier said than done. I had no idea how LONG it takes to get two toddlers fully suited up and ready to play in the snow! And then it takes just as long to peel all the wet layers off afterwards!

Emmett, on the other hand, is a little less excited about the snow. He clomped around a little bit in the few fresh inches in the driveway (the snow in the yard would go over his head!), threw some snowballs, did some shoveling... but sledding? No no no! You would've thought we were trying to torture him. He still enjoys himself outside- but he's ready to go back inside long before Elliot is. He's definitely my summer baby. I hope he has more fun next winter when he's a little bigger.

So far we are LOVING it up here- especially our house. I'll blog more about that later. One other thing that is making our move that much more enjoyable? We're finally allowed to have pets again!! Meet Noah & Scout, our two new bunnies. I'll be blogging more about them later, too.

That's all for now! If you're up north/east, stay warm! And if you're in Texas/down south... enjoy that warmth and sunshine! ;)


  1. As much as this winter has sucked, we sure did enjoy playing in the snow on our snow days :) I hope the boys enjoy their seasons!

  2. I am so over this snow and cold! I'm ready for spring. Also my Emmett is the same with snow as yours, he's just not that into it like his brother. I think he'll like warm weather more.

  3. Oh I think they will!! I think they will be especially excited this summer when it is only 70-80ish degrees outside rather than 100+!

  4. that's funny! Maybe it's an Emmett thing then. too cool for snow! ;)


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