Tuesday, January 24, 2012

elliot + baby in my belly + sunshine = love.

IMG_1211 copy
Look mom, I picked a flower for you!

IMG_1220 copy
... maybe I'll EAT IT instead.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it has been hot and sunny in Texas, so Elliot and I have been spending most of our time outside.

I had an OB appointment yesterday. Baby boy's heartbeat was 142. My OB was thrilled with my weight gain, and everything looked good, other than the fact that my blood pressure was low. I told her about my braxton hicks contractions, but she didn't seem too concerned at the moment. Hopefully baby boy doesn't look to his big brother as an example and try to come super early like Elliot did!

Tomorrow is my anatomy scan with the perinatologist. I pray that baby boy looks healthy and they don't see any birth defects or problems!

IMG_1256 copy
Yesterday, while I watched Elliot crawling around and exploring in the grass, I wondered how it is even possible to love such a little guy so much. Seriously. And then it occurred to me that I have another on the way. I think my heart may explode!

IMG_1276 copy


  1. i'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow! i hope you get a positive scan. :)


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