Friday, January 27, 2012

raisin addict.

Ever since he got his first taste a few days ago, Elliot has been a raisin addict!!! He seriously cannot get enough. He also apparently doesn't digest them very well, so I'm not sure how many he should really be eating. He loves them too much to deny him, though!

What are your babies/toddlers' favorite foods?

oh-em-gee, mom gave me the WHOLE BOX!

raisin addict.
now is that not a happy kid? :)



  1. My little guy is OBSESSED with raisins too. He can't get enough of them. Raisins, bread sticks and bananas are his absolute favourite things in the world. Guaranteed to get a smile from any of them.

  2. How cute! He sure does love them!! Funny, I Have not even thought to give my daughter raisins yet... but clearly kids love them. It's going on the shopping list this week! :)


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