Tuesday, January 17, 2012

more reasons why we need to decide on a name!

You know, it's really bothering me that we still haven't been able to agree on baby boy #2's name. Why, you may ask? Well, first of all, I'd just like to know his name!

Second, I have a lot of crafting and decorating ideas that I'd like to get started on, but can't until we, of course, decide on his name. Because his name or at the very least his initial is involved.

I want to put all four of our initials (A, J, E, and....? along with a big G) on a wall in the living room, something sort of like this:

Source: bhg.com via Jess on Pinterest

or THIS:

I also can't wait to add baby boy's name above Elliot's on the nursery wall. I plan to use chip decor letters and fun scrapbooking paper again, so they coordinate well with Elliot's :) Some other interesting ways to do nursery baby names are below:

Different sized letters- not sure why I never thought of this?

Source: google.com via Jess on Pinterest

and how cute is this?

Cute, right?!
I know, I know... just pick one! If only it were that easy!

I may be brave enough to narrow our choices down to just three:
1. Sullivan Grey (Sully)
2. Finnian Jude (Finn)
3. Milo Benjamin

... but I'm not sure that I want to let go of Cyrus Grey yet, though... so we'll see.

Part of me thinks that the perfect name is still hiding somewhere, and we just haven't found it yet...

I've been driving my husband nuts with this name thing. So I'm sure we'll decide soon... if for nothing else, just so we can be done with it and my husband won't have to listen to me talking about names 24/7.
I'll be sure to let you all know when we do!


  1. What about Finnian Grey? I agree choosing names is HARD!!!! When we were pregnant we had decide and agree on a girls name and then (naturally) found out we were having a boy. We didn't decide until I was like almost 30 weeks, lol. Good luck!

  2. I'm such a big fan of Finn. Not that my vote matters, but I think that's your #1 name. But honestly, you picked three great names, so you really can't go wrong =)

  3. I say just relax a little and try not to think about it for a bit. That's usually when it will just come to you! I know what you mean about wanting to KNOW what his name is now, but there's no harm in waiting. Decorating can wait :)
    We still aren't that close to figuring out a name for our little man and I'm already in my 3rd trimester. But I'm not really that worried about it because I know that we'll pick the perfect name when the time comes. (and we don't name out babies till they're born, so if you feel behind... it could be worse!) ha ha.

  4. #1 definitely gets my vote. I love the Jackson wall hanging!

  5. I love Sullivan Grey, but Milo is such a CUTE name too! Good Luck...hopefully one feels just right soon enough :).

  6. Those letters are soooo cute! I know that Jo-Ann and other craft suppliers sell wood letters of various sizes that can be painted, varnished, or (my fave) sprayed with adhesive and covered in fun scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless! I hope you can choose so you can keep up the creativity :)

  7. I'd be exactly the same, wanting everything perfect for when bubba gets here. btw I looove the name Finn ;)

  8. I had the hardest time naming our boy! I had it narrowed down to William, Sawyer, Ayden, and Rohnan at around the 6 month mark. I thought I was pretty set on Will, but then one day at work I kept thinking about the name Rohnan. Every time I would think it, the baby would kick. I even said it outloud to myself a couple of times, more crazy movement from him... and so it was chosen. We'll tell him someday that he chose his own name in the end. It took some convincing for Daddy (he was pretty set on Will too) but now we can't imagine his name being anything else! He's the perfect Rohnan :) Good luck, I'm sure you'll find the perfect name!

  9. I love Finn...BUT I think that Sullivan would be so cool since it's your maiden name. I feel like that makes it so special. If I had a better maiden name (mine's Smith) I would have loved to do that. Whatever you pick will be perfect though!!

  10. I feel like "Milo" would be made fun of

  11. i love the name finn & i also love those walls with pictures and letters - too cute!

  12. HA! I just wrote a post today on names and how hard it is... we're struggling to decide for a name for our #2, too!!! Good luck! Love your choices so far :)

  13. Naming our second was so so much harder than naming our first! We fought about it DAILY! But every day I look at my daughter and think her name was TOTALLY worth the wait! It's so her! Good luck!!

  14. I think all choices are gorgeous but I am partial to Sullivan Grey! Just love it!

  15. I totally feel your pain, and am jealous you've decided!! I'm 27 weeks and we still can;t decide on a name! I want something I LOVE, but I don't LOVE any of the ones my fiance likes!! It's so hard, and everyone's like "Oh, you have plenty of time!" but I want to know now! I think my pregnancy is making me impatient...


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