Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Birth Plan

I still have not published my birth story with Elliot. I did not have a birth plan with him, because I knew going into it that, because of his birth defect, I would not be allowed to do things the way I wanted. Boy, I was right!
During my labor with Elliot, he was continuously monitored (with THREE external monitors and one screwed into his scalp). I wasn't allowed to walk, and they made me stop bouncing on the birthing ball {even though it was really helping} because it was "disrupting the monitors." They started me on pitocin almost immediately, because with his condition, it was too risky to have a prolonged labor. The pitocin made my contractions 500x worse, and they made his heart rate drop. The nurse kept asking me if I wanted an epidural, even though I made it clear that my plan was not to get one. I had extremely intense back labor, and all I wanted to do was get up and walk (but they told me no) or to stay on my hands and knees, but the stupid nurse kept fiddling with my monitors and asking me to change positions so I really wasn't able to manage the pain the way I wanted. After twelve hours of labor, I stalled at seven centimeters and, feeling hopeless, finally gave in and opted for an epidural. My epidural experience was terrible. There were over a dozen doctors present for my delivery. He was taken away immediately after he was born, prepped, and rushed to the NICU. I could go on and on... but basically, the only thing they did right was allow me to have my husband, mother, and father present for my labor and delivery.

This time I'm hoping to take charge of my labor and do things my way. So here is my tentative birth plan!



- husband, Aaron Gougeon
- there may be others, not sure yet because everyone lives so far away? to be completed later.


- ipad + headphones (for music)
- camera: I plan to take pictures during my labor and possibly delivery
- phone and laptop

{hospital admission}

- I plan to labor at home for several hours after my water breaks before going to the hospital.
I can labor more comfortably at home, without the stress, sterility and noise of the hospital.

Once admitted, I'd like:

- to wear my own clothes {I think, still trying to figure out what that would be to allow easy access?}
- my husband with me at all times
- to be able to walk, bounce on the birthing ball, and move around as much as possible, until the contractions become too painful
- to try laboring in the birthing pool/tub, with my own clothes on (a tank top)
- to eat small snacks, if I wish to (I'm not sure that I will)
- to try to stay hydrated by drinking water on my own before needing an IV

{Medical Interventions}

As long as baby Sully and I are doing fine, I'd like:
- intermittent monitoring rather than continuous
- to be allowed to progress on my own without strict time limits
- absolutely NO PITOCIN!!
- My goal is to bring this baby into the world naturally, without medication. Please do NOT keep asking if I want an epidural. If I decide that I want one, I will let you know.
- I do not want an episiotomy, and would prefer to tear on my own

{Pain Relief}

I'd like to try:
- acupressure
- bath/shower
- breathing techniques
- hot/cold therapy
- massage
- again, please do not offer me pain medication. I will ask for it if I need it.


I'd like to try:
- semi reclining {how I pushed my son out}
- hands and knees
- whatever feels right


during delivery,
- I would NOT like to view the birth using a mirror or to touch the baby's head as it crowns.
Both of these things were very distracting and not helpful at all while giving birth to my son. I did not like either!
- I'd prefer to push the placenta out rather than having it pulled out

{After birth}

- I'd like the lights dimmed
- I'd like to hold baby on my chest right away
- to allow the cord to stop pulsating before it is clamped and cut
- I'd like to breastfeed immediately
- I want some "alone time" with my newborn before he is taken away for his newborn screen/exam
- please no eye ointment or Hep B shot. I've never had an STD and my son isn't going to be sexual active anytime soon, so neither are necessary.


- I plan to breastfeed exclusively
- Do not offer my baby formula, sugar water, or a pacifier

- I do not want my son circumcised.


  1. Love it, your birth plan looks exactly what I want mine to be. It drive me nuts that already people are criticizing my desire for a natural birth and telling me that I will change my mind and beg for an epidural!

  2. Good for you!!!

    I remember with DJ, I had a birth plan and completely threw it out the window when I went in.. Everything got serious and we almost lost him, so I told my dr to do whatever it took to save our lives.

    I can't wait to meet the Sull Meister!!

  3. have you checked out maternity delivery gowns or dresses on etsy? they have some really cute styles that sure beat the hospital versions. :)

  4. I'm not even pregnant, or close to having children, but I love your birth plan. It looks exactly like what I want to do, when the time comes.

  5. hehehe I remember writing out all my plan and actually I was pretty lucky to stick to it exactly. I hope yours goes nice and smoothly for you.

    By the way, in labour I wore a nightie it looked nice and i had nothing in the way for delivery :)
    something like this:

  6. Looks good! I'll be saying some prayers it goes smoothly! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't want a mirror or to touch the baby's head. Everyone in the room thought I was weird but I knew it would distract me and things were moving. I just needed to stay in that rhythm!

  7. great plan.. what about the eye goop, vitamin K, and hep B shot? (hep B is ridiculous as your child will not be having intercourse anytime soon), vitamin K he'll get through you or else be fine on the 8th day since you aren't circumcizing, and eye goop is for mom's who have an STD and pass it to the child through the birth canal.... just something to think about... I still have a few months to think about my own birth plan here...

  8. "I, I, I, I" where's the "we" in this? Does your husband have his own opinions?

  9. Thanks for the suggestions! I looked into the gownies and that's a really good idea.
    MH- yeah they talked me into the mirror with Elliot and really, all it did was scare me a little and I completely lost my focus.
    Amanda- hadn't even THOUGHT of the Hep B shot, but I looked it up and I'll be saying no to that one too.
    @ anonymous- we have already talked about and agree on everything, but I'm the one birthing this baby, so I just wrote it in my point of view.

  10. Love it. Finally someone else agrees about the episiotomy! Looks like a great plan, I would want the same. Hope it all goes as planned for you and healthy!

  11. Love your birth plan! I didn't have a birth plan -- just knew that I wanted to labor as long as I could without meds -- made it to 10cm, then got an epidural (she was sitting too high and was born about 5 hours after my epidural).
    As for wearing your own clothes, you should look into Pretty Pushers. ( They are cute little halter dresses that allow for all access that the docs need, but look fabulous!
    Good luck with the pregnancy! I miss being pregnant already...


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