Friday, February 10, 2012

sweet & sour

I can't believe I am 23 weeks pregnant today. It makes me a little sad. I don't plan to be pregnant again for awhile after Sully is born, and I'm not ready for this pregnancy to be over yet! I'm working on my birth plan and will be posting it soon.

IMG_1351 copy
I realize that I've been a bad blogger lately. If you met my child, you'd understand why. He does NOT approve of computer usage while he is awake/nearby. Not at all. How could you ignore a face like that?

IMG_1324 copy
I'd rather enjoy my time with this darling boy, anyways!

Elliot is SO full of personality, and is still so stinking sweet and cuddly. It seems like every minute he is either doing something that will make me laugh or say "awww." Every time he finds or comes across a blanket, he will lay his head on it and cuddle with it for a minute. He also refuses to come out of his crib in the morning until after he has hugged and kissed both of his blankets and his teddy bear. Another thing he really loves to do lately is to brush the dog or cat and give them both kisses. It melts my heart. Don't let him fool you, though- one of his other favorite things? Unrolling toilet paper and ripping it into a million tiny pieces. And dropping things into the toilet.... like my tweezers. Lovely.

IMG_1336 copy

Oh, and I've been trying to enjoy my time with the other man in my life, too... especially knowing that he will be deploying again soon, which makes me really sad. Elliot's face lights up whenever Aaron comes home from work, and he immediately either crawls over and clings to his legs or {if I'm holding him} launches himself at him. He sure will miss his daddy.

IMG_1355 copy 2
Daddy's home!

I love all three of my little men... but let's slow time down a little bit so I can enjoy my precious time with Aaron and Elliot before Sully arrives and Daddy leaves!


  1. Aww I love that last bit, He's gonna so miss his daddy bless him.
    Does he understand much that there's gonna be another baby boy around?

    Kelly x

  2. oh my gosh, he is so freakin' cute!

  3. SO cute :) I can't believe how big he's getting.

  4. I can't believe how blonde his hair is! And 23 weeks already? Sigh. See, that's what I'm dreading about going so fast. I liked being pregnant.

  5. He is soooo precious. He always looks so happy and full of energy!

  6. Awww! that so cute!! working hubby far is the hard part. i know from my experience.


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