Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elliot's extremely belated 14 month post...

I've been seriously slacking on the blogging front lately. I started writing up Elliot's 14 month post weeks ago but never got around to posting it. So, instead of doing it the way I usually do, I'm switching things up. I'm just going to bombard you with pictures of Elliot and fun facts about him at this {very fun} age.

IMG_1708 copy
- He has SIXTEEN teeth.

IMG_1615 copy
- His hair is getting longer and blonder!

IMG_1605 copy 2
- Anytime we walk by the candle section in a store, we have to stop and let Elliot smell every.single.candle.

IMG_1648 copy
- he LOVES to play with bubbles.

IMG_1401 copy
- he loves feeding the ducks, playing tug of war with his puppy Otis, and watching our cat Charlie hunt flies. He also still hugs and kisses our animals every chance he gets.

IMG_1367 copy
- he is wearing mostly 12 month shirts, 12 month sleepers, and the only pants that seem to fit him well right now are Old Navy's 6-12 months.

IMG_1542 copy
- he REALLY likes looking at fish in pet stores, so we got him a little bubbling fish tank for his room that changes colors. Coolest nightlight ever!!

IMG_1557 copy
This train is one of his favorite toys at the moment, along with his mega blocks, his bucket and shovel, and his cookie jar shape sorter.

IMG_1689 copy
- he JUST graduated from his whale tub to the big boy tub. We actually could have waited longer, as he was perfectly content sitting in his whale, but I was getting really sick of dragging that thing in and out of the tub every day.

IMG_1603 copy
- he started bear crawling in order to avoid scraping his knees on our patio. Apparently, he is now under the impression that he must bear crawl whenever we're outside.

IMG_1550 copy
- he really likes putting sunglasses on, brushing his own hair, brushing his teeth, and washing his hands.

IMG_1647 copy
- he loves to help mommy "clean" by pushing our compact vacuum, broom, and swiffer along the floor. :)

IMG_1564 copy 2
- he has started taking a few steps on his own every once in awhile, particularly if walking to mommy or daddy. Although he is perfectly capable, he won't stand on his own, unless you distract him. The minute he realizes what he's doing he sits back down. We noticed that his feet point outwards (when he walks, stands, or is even just sitting) and think it may be affecting his balance. He can't seem to lock his knees. Many of Aaron's relatives had to have braces {and Aaron is himself duck-footed, to the point that it has caused chronic knee problems}, so braces may be in Elliot's future.

IMG_1595 copy
- he just learned how to point, and his favorite things to point at are birds. He is OBSESSED with them. Anytime he sees one, he will stop dead in his tracks, stick out that adorable little finger, and yell, "Ba!! Baaaa!!!!!". Also, if you ask him where the birdies are, he will climb up onto the couch and look out the window into the tree where the sparrows often perch.


  1. I can't believe his hair! I almost don't recognize him. What a handsome guy. I wouldn't worry about his feet just yet. C pointed his feet out too when he first started standing and walking and we were concerned. His doctor said that's completely normal and actually how they maintain balance because it's harder for them with their feet pointed forwards.

  2. Look how big Elliot is getting! Wow! I love your new puppy too.... He looks like our jack russell mix! Awww! They will be best friends! :) I love the first picture of him wrapped in the green towel! Soo precious!

  3. @Jennifer- do his feet seem pretty straight when he sits? We first noticed it when he was pretty little, it seems like they always point out, not just when he's walking. I'll have to ask the pedi about it.
    @Skye- Otis is a Jack Russell! :D

  4. This is sooooo great! Love all your pics as always, I can't believe how big and strong he is!!

  5. I honestly can't remember for sure, but I think they would turn out when sitting. I'll have to ask my husband. Even now he turns the left one out from time to time. It never hurts to get Elliot evaluated, especially with family history of issues, but just take comfort that turning the feet out can be a normal behavior as well. It certainly made us feel better to hear everything was fine. He was in PT for overlapping toes (a problem on my husband's side that eventually causes painful bunions) and we had them evaluate the turning out of the feet and they declared him fine, as did his doctor.

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