Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day thirty-five.

Elliot's Grandpa Steve {Aaron's dad} visited us today. Unfortunately for him, he showed up RIGHT at feeding time- and I wasn't about to miss an opportunity to try to nurse Elliot! So he checked out the new hospital while I tried struggled to breastfeed. Elliot was EXTREMELY angry and wanted nothing to do with the boob. Aaron kept reminding me about what I said yesterday, that he could have good days AND bad days, but, MAN! I was frustrated! It's hard not to feel like your son is rejecting you when he makes it so clear that he DOES NOT want to nurse. He hardly even took his bottle either, though... so I think he was just in a bad mood.
At his 3 o'clock feeding, after a few tries, he latched on and nursed quietly for about ten minutes. He then took about 40 cc's from the bottle. He seemed really full, and since we didn't know how much he got from me, we weren't sure how much to send through his NG tube. Tomorrow, we'll be using the breastfeeding scale before and after feeding, just in case he latches on- it would be nice to know if he's actually GETTING anything or not.
I think Elliot enjoyed his time with Grandpa. We also did more trust and relaxation exercises with the occupational therapist today. I swear, that woman is a MIRACLE worker! If it weren't for her, we never would've been able to get him to calm down enough to eat. Everyone in the hospital calls her the "baby whisperer."
Elliot is doing pretty well these days. The main things we're working on are:
1. Bottle feeding- he now gets 58 cc's per feeding and takes about 30-40 on his own. He can't go home until he can take full bottles for two days straight.
2. Weight Gain- he was doing well with this but has been losing a little lately. He now weighs 8 lbs 3 oz.
3. Breastfeeding- slowly making progress. Thank GOD for nipple shields!
4. Muscle toning- normal full term babies like to keep their hands/arms up by their face. Elliot, like many NICU babies, lets his arms hang limp at his sides. We're working on keeping his shoulders forward and arms up.
5. Trust- Since Elliot spent the first three weeks of his life flat on his back, he is scared to be in other positions.

Grandpa and Elliot.

Sleepy sleepy.

BIGGG eyes. Not mine, his. I'm looking at the flash rather than the lens. Can you tell I'm used to being BEHIND the camera? :)

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  1. That's a very nice photo of you guys and I also like the one with his grandpa. Just keep at BFing, he will eventually get it. :)

  2. sweet pictures. Elliot is such a cute little peanut :) You are beautiful momma! :)

    with love and prayers,

  3. Your son is super precious! (although I'm sure you already know that!) ;-)

  4. Such a cutie, love the big eyes.

    So sorry about the breastfeeding struggles. It really is a challenge even under much easier circumstances, and I give you so much credit for working so hard on it. Elliot is lucky to have a mama (and papa) who care so much. I hope he's able to come home soon!

  5. I thanked God for nipple shields too. After my oldest was born and taken immediately to the nicu he had the hardest time learning to breastfeed. Those were the only thing that helped us get him to nurse.

  6. Your blog is so cute! You will be #1 before long, I'm sure! I think everyone who blogs is pulling and praying for Elliot and we love following his remarkable progress and your journey as a new mama!

  7. He's so cute and sweet and PERFECT, Jess. I could look at picture of him all day!


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