Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Days twenty-seven & twenty-eight.

Some updates:
Elliot's feeds were increased to 27cc's yesterday. He took 5 from the bottle twice from me before being gavaged. Right after the first bottle, he puked up bright yellow mucus which went all over my shirt. So I spent the rest of the day walking around the hospital with a gigantic wet spot on my shirt: marked as a new mom. Last night the nurse got him to take a full bottle, but he puked it all up again.
They decided not to increase his feeds today. When we got to the NICU, there was a GIANT pile of toot-sweets next to his crib- a telltale sign that Elliot was not in a good mood. He was also breathing really fast, even when sleeping {his respiratory rate was in the 80s and 90s}, so the nurse didn't want to even try the bottle. We gavaged him while he was sleeping and then she let me put him to breast while he was gavaged later. At first, he was really angry and kept using my boob as a punching bag, but once he calmed down, he latched on fine and actually swallowed several mouthfuls.
Elliot POOPED yesterday with a suppository and today all on his own :)
Elliot now sees a physical therapist twice a week. We met her yesterday and she showed us a lot of small exercises we could do with him. We are also trying to put him on his left side whenever possible, because he only likes to be on his right side and that side of his head is getting flat.
The new hospital opened yesterday, and all of the babies except for Elliot and his neighbor Charlie were moved out of our nursery. Elliot should be moving soon-and we can't wait because he'll have HIS OWN ROOM in the new NICU :)





  1. Elliot looks like he's chunking up a bit!! I can not wait until the moment that you can bring him home. Thinkin of you guys!!

  2. Praying for little Elliot so much! When my husband and I found out we were pregnant the boy's name we had picked out was Elliot Lane Reid. Our baby ended up being a girl- but that was our runner up! Love the name.

  3. What a day! How are you doing with everything? How's your husband?

    I love that outfit!

  4. About Elliot being on his right side:
    I wonder if changing the orientation of things (if possible), would help. For instance, it looks like most of the (*adorable*) pictures of him are from the right side. Would it help if you and your husband played with him from his left side, to coax him over that way?
    Another idea, maybe keep this in mind when you move into Elliot's *own new room*, and maybe (re)arrange things to help him move his head to the left.

    Glad things seem to be getting better! And I'm so glad to see Elliot chunking up a bit! he is just sooo cute!

  5. Seems like things are getting better, yay!!

  6. Prayers with you, baby girl!

    Be strong & we are all feeling the emotion you are so don't hesitate to let it all hang out!

    Peace and love, Mama!


  7. i'm glad he's doing better :)

    stay strong mom & dad :)

  8. He already looks like he getting chubby. So freakin cute.


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