Saturday, January 22, 2011

.... home?

We're having a VERY busy weekend with lots of visitors, but, I just had to jump on to say this:
Elliot might get to come home on Monday!
He is now IV free and the neonatologist said that if he does well with feeding and pooping this weekend, he can probably come home on Monday!
You have no idea how excited I am!


  1. Congrats! You and your family are in our prayers!

  2. Oh congrats! I hope he can come home for you!

  3. Crossing my fingers he does well and come home on monday!
    It's so exciting bringing a baby home from the NICU!

  4. Oh my gosh! That is such great news! I am so happy for your guys. Give Elliot loves from all your bloggy friends. =D

  5. That's amazing!!!! Such great news! I'll be praying he does well this weekend! :)

  6. That is amazing news!!!! I hope everything goes well and he gets to come home!!

    lots of prayers!!

  7. that's wonderful!!! hoping everthing goes well!!! I am so happy for you all!

  8. That is awesome! I know you are so excited! Take lots of pictures of the coming home!

  9. Yay! I am really excited for you guys! xoxo

  10. That is fantastic news! Go Elliot!! <3

  11. awesome news! praise God.

    So happy for you all.

  12. Oh my gosh - that is so awesome! :) Congrats! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. That is fantastic! I'll be praying for his progress this weekend!

  14. Congrats! I just found your blog, wish I could've found it sooner, I'm excited for guys, I hope all will be well once he's released!

  15. Yipeeee! Poop, eat, and repeat, you can do it Elliot!

  16. Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh!!!!!

    That's awesome news!!!!!! :))

  17. That's the best news I've heard in awhile!!!!! So happy for you mama!

    PS- Looks like we're neighbors on TBB =) Congrats!!

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