Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day Twenty-four.

A lot happened today but I'll start with the very best, most exciting news: I was able to breastfeed Elliot for the first time! I was pretty nervous because I wasn't sure if he'd be able to latch correctly, especially since he has so much trouble with the bottle. But I'm proud to say that he took to the boob like a real pro! He started rooting immediately and was nursing in no time. It was the most amazing feeling.
I had just pumped right before nursing him though, so he still had to take a bottle afterwards. He just doesn't get it. He lets all the milk drool out of his mouth. And I wish I could tell you how long it takes him to finish 11 cc's of milk {which is really only a couple mouthfuls}. I won't complain though- I'd rather him prefer the breast to the bottle any day!
AND breastfeeding him seems to have helped my supply- I've been able to pump 1.5 ounces consistently. That might not sound like much but I've only been getting .75ish ounces for over a week now, so I was THRILLED.
They said I can put him to breast anytime we're there for his feedings {which are every 3 hours}, so I'm pretty excited to see how things progress and how this affects my supply.
I'm in such a good mood that it doesn't even bother me that much that the other {younger} gastroschisis baby in our nursery, Zackery, went home today. I'm happy for his family. Of course, I'd rather have Elliot home, too... but at least someone gets to enjoy being home as a family.


  1. That sounds really good! Maybe the flow on the bottle is just to fast for him. I hope you get to take him home soon, it sounds like things are going good and I hope they stay this way! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  2. That's so awesome! Things are definitely looking up. I hope Elliot gets to go home soon too. :)

  3. I've been following and praying for your little guy for a while now.. I hadn't commented yet, but couldnt resist with a post like this. I can just hear you shining through your words. I am so happy that you and Elliot were able to experiance that special bond today.. I can only imagine how high you are from the experiance. And how great that he takes to the breast with ease! What a smart little guy, he knows what he wants. And Im sure he loves being close and cuddling with his mama. Sending lots of healing energy his way!!

  4. So happy to hear he's nursing well!! That can be a big hurdle for some babies, and sounds like he's a pro!

  5. Awesome news! First poop, now this! He'll be going home soon I'm sure

  6. I'm so happy that your able to breastfeed now. I was wondering the same thing Jazmyn mentioned, about the flow of the nipple on the bottle.

    I know how hard it is to see other babies go home. At the time, it's seems like your child will be in the hospital forever but Elliot will be home soon.

  7. Elliot's on the boob! This is so exciting. I predict he's going to start making rapid progress...

  8. That's so awesome!! Wonderful news :)

  9. This is so exciting! Breast feedng really is such a special bonding thing. SO happy for you!

  10. Oh that is wonderful news! Go Elliot! Smart little guy that he prefers breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

    A lot of times the amount you pump doesn't really indicate supply. I have never been able to get much pumping, but I have oversupply issues and tons of milk. It's so great that Elliot can nurse and help keep your supply going too! And I bet that cuddly, skin to skin time together is so good for both of you.

    Excited for you guys! Praying that Elliot is home in no time!

  11. How wonderful that he's breastfeeding and latching on well. It's a special bond you guys will have.

    I hope he gets to go home very soon!


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