Monday, September 19, 2011

why I haven't been blogging as much lately...

My child is cute! He makes funny faces!

IMG_8668 copy
And he now has seven teeth. That's right- another one just popped through.

IMG_8676 copy
He likes to bounce up and down in his crib...

IMG_8677 copy
... and thinks ceiling fans would be pretty fun toys.

IMG_8609 copy
Lately, he decided that taking all the pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets and rearranging our drawers is a whole lot of fun... along with pushing doors shut, ripping all the books off his bookshelf, and ripping out handfuls of mama's hair.

IMG_8616 copy
He laughs at the word "NO", or puts on an innocent face and pretends he didn't hear you.

IMG_8583 copy
Oh, and did I mention he likes to dive off beds?

IMG_8585 copy
And he enjoys throwing his food on the floor just so he can watch me pick it all up.

IMG_8638 copy
He has a whole roomful of toys, but prefers to put things like lens caps, pens, shoes, and wires in his mouth.

Yes, he is a wild man.
...but it just makes him that much cuter ♥


  1. Philip is exactually the same. sometimes wonder about him lol. must get it from me though ;). Philip had 7 teeth at the same age as Elliot but he now has 10!!! Hes got three molars and it didnt even bother him. xx

  2. He is SO cute! Lol the innocent face is entirely adorable.

  3. They're all great, but I just LOVE the "diving off bed" picture, he looks like a little BOY in that picture, he's changing so much! Oh the fun is just beginning! Welcome to the mamas of busy boys club!

  4. Look at all of those chompers! He is too cute.

  5. Love Love Love all pictures ... Diving off the bed must make your heart jump and beat, bless him. As for throwing food on the floor he is just testing to see your still doing your job right :)

  6. oh yes... this is the age that he keeps you on your toes constantly! enjoy it mama!

  7. Oh my gosh I could have written this post! Marshall, too, loves to rearrange my kitchen drawers :)

  8. LOVE this post.
    My little guy has just figured out the kitchen cupboards and loves emptying his diaper bag. It's funny. lol.
    Your little man is SO cute, I love looking at your pictures!! :)

  9. Ohh are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!! Love him!!

  10. that laughing at "no"....will probably turn into a complete melt down :) or at least that's what happened with Aydan...


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