Sunday, September 11, 2011

we will not forget.

On this day, ten years ago, in 2001:


Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
Were you in the yard with your wife and children
Or working on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Risin' against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?

Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones
And pray for the ones who don't know?
Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below?
Did you burst out in pride for the red, white and blue
And the heroes who died just doin' what they do?
Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer
And look at yourself and what really matters?
{song lyrics from "Where Were You" by Alan Jackson}

Where were you?

Do you remember? I was sitting in my classroom in Riverton, Wyoming. We all sat in silence, confused, as the live report on CNN was playing on every TV in every classroom. Minutes later, we were all sent home from school because everyone thought that a nearby missile tower was going to be another possible target. I was confused, angry, and most of all- terrified.
I didn't know it at the time, but the events of this day would begin the same war that, years later, my husband would spend months fighting in overseas.

My heart aches for all those grieving the loss of someone that died in one of those three planes, in the towers, or at ground zero. It also hurts to think about all of the troops that have died since on the front lines in the War on Terrorism.

We will not forget.


God Bless the USA!


  1. You're from Wyoming!? Me too! Crazy!

  2. I didnt know till I got in from school as England is about 9/10 hours behind the USA. I remember sitting there watching the news with my mum crying for a family who we know whos dad/husband was in the south tower and sadly didnt make it out alive. we were also scared as some reports where saying that canary warf was gonna be hit and my sister's bf at the time was working there. I will never forget that horrible day and the grieveing families of every innocent person who was killed are always in my heart

  3. Miss Jordan: I lived in Wyoming for two years. We moved a lot because of my dad's job when I was younger. :)

  4. I live 45 minutes outside of NYC ... worked 20 mins from NYC when it happened. We heard about it and after the 2nd tower was hit - we all headed home. No one wanted to be anywhere near NYC at that time- we had no idea what else would be hit! I headed home and terrified of what was to come. I knew a couple ppl that perished in 911. I think about them every anniversary and their families. It is a tragedy that we must never forget.


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