Sunday, September 4, 2011

someone got ahold of our debit card...

You know how earlier I said that something always happens? I think I jinxed myself.
Someone got ahold of our debit card information.
And they made 75 purchases in the last four days. SEVENTY-FIVE?! I mean, really? So, now our account is negative, and some of the transactions are still pending... which means MORE overdraft fees.
We cancelled the card, but I can't actually file a claim until tomorrow... assuming they work tomorrow, since it's Labor Day.
I am so ANNOYED!!


  1. eep! i'm so sorry jess! some people are just horrible people. :-/ i hope you are able to get it all straightened out. soon!

  2. Oh, that sucks!! I'm sure it will all work out.

  3. That's horrible! Our bank called us a few weeks ago saying that someone was trying to put through a suspicious purchase with our debit card info! Thank God they caught it. Your bank will reimburse you right?

  4. Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry! I'm praying for you and your family, though I'm sure the bank will refund all of that money. :-( I know it's still a huge inconvenience.

  5. Aww some people are such jerks, I hope you get it all sorted out. x x x


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