Monday, September 5, 2011

love to clean? have I got a review for you!

I love to clean. Yes, it's true. I sometimes I actually beg my husband to watch Elliot for a few minutes so I can clean up scattered toys, bits of food stuck to the floor beneath the highchair, tiny fingerprints on the windows and mirrors, and puddles {yes, PUDDLES} of drool. How does one baby create so much mess? I have no idea, and I wonder how the parents of multiples do it. I don't think I'd survive. I don't feel like I can breathe easily unless our house is clean.

So, when I received the opportunity to review Stanley Home degreaser concentrate, I literally thought, yessss! I'm all over this! When I first unpacked it, I wondered why the heck it didn't come with a spray pump. Then I read the instructions, and I'm glad I did, or else I probably would have used 10x more than I needed to. To use this as a typical spray cleaner, you only need to add one tablespoon to 16 oz of water. One tablespoon! That's it! I was a little skeptical, but I prepared the mixture as instructed and tried it out. The verdict? This stuff is AMAZING! Splattered grease? No problem. Stuck on day old melted puffs? Piece of cake. Scorched pots and pans that the husband forgot to soak? Sparkling! It works. FOR EVERYTHING. It's a good thing this stuff comes in a gigantic bottle, because if it didn't, I'd probably hide a stockpile of it in the pantry.

If you're a mom, you need this stuff!
Not convinced? Here's a nifty list of 50 different ways to use this little wonder product.



  1. Dirty little secret: I like to clean too! I've got more than a touch of OCD, for sure :)

  2. I like to clean as well. Maybe I'll pick this product up!! :)

  3. I am so OCD! I can't function, leave the house, go to bed or do anything unless my house is clean!


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