Friday, January 18, 2013

free movies!

Have you ever tried Redbox?
You can rent DVDs for only $1.20 a day, and return them to any box in the US! They have Bluerays and video games, as well. We have been renting from them for a couple years now and we love it.

I just thought I'd share some free promo codes for January. As long as you return the disc before 9pm the next day, you will not be charged. Each code can be used once per credit card.

DVDONME: free rental code
BREAKROOM: free redbox code
WALGREENS: free redbox code, valid only at Walgreens
REDBOXHEB: free redbox code, valid only at HEB
DRIVEIN: free redbox code, valid only at Sonic

Happy watching! :)


  1. my friend rents from them all the time and swears by them!!

  2. DVDATWAG = Free rental at Walgreens :o)


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