Saturday, January 19, 2013

how are those boys doing?

As you all know, I've been busy working on improving my photography lately and building up a portfolio. Well, I don't know if it's because I've been so busy taking pictures of other people or what, but I haven't been taking many pictures of my boys!

It was beautiful today so I brought the camera out with us when we went outside to play. Because goodness knows, they'll only be this little once and I want to capture every little moment along the way.

Emmett is crawling and sitting unassisted now. Supposedly, sitting develops the muscles for crawling... but Emmett didn't get that message, because he actually learned to crawl much sooner than he learned to sit up on his own. I think he's just too busy to sit still!

Elliot's speech has been improving A TON ever since we started working with a new speech pathologist and he was diagnosed with Apraxia. There will be a whole blog post about this soon, but he has sooo many more animal sounds now and he is attempting many more sounds than he ever was.

Elliot and Emmett are getting along so well! I could sit and watch them interact all day long. Now that Emmett is crawling and playing with toys, Elliot is always right there next to him. They're always laughing at eachother, playing together, doing all that cute brotherly love stuff that I pictured when I was pregnant and found out we would be having two little boys close in age. 

Elliot is a big fan of kissing, hugging, smooshing, and cuddling his brother... even when Emmett thinks he has better things to do!

I love those little boys!


  1. Oh very nice- I didn't realize you were building up and starting a business?? How fabulous- I am slightly jealous ;) Good luck - I love the first picture- gorgeous and the B&W swings pictures! Show us more ;)

  2. Goodness they are absolutely beautiful little boys. They make me want to try for a now! 3 under 3 wouldn't be tooooooo difficult, right? haha!

  3. Love the pictures, what handsome boys you have!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! My boys are 2 years apart, that bond is ncredible right? So many similarities between our boys - for a start, my youngest crawled before he sat too! Xxx


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