Saturday, October 22, 2011

and the worst blogger award goes to...

I've really been dropping the ball lately when it comes to blogging. I know- and I'm sorry for that. I've had some great posts in my head for days now and some equally great reviews/giveaways to put up... PLUS I just realized today that I {still} haven't drawn the winner for that fleece soaker giveaway from weeks ago. Ooops. I'm drawing it tomorrow- I swear.
I haven't been blogging as much lately because, to be honest, I've felt like poop. Don't get me wrong- I am absolutely thrilled to be pregnant again and I know plenty of my readers would LOVE to have morning sickness because they'd just love to be pregnant. But, happiness aside, I've been super super nauseous and super, super tired. No, make that exhausted. All. The. Time. Elliot has a giant tooth coming in... I think it may be a molar, so he's been fussier than usual. Poor kid. He also hasn't been sleeping well lately. I'm just praying he'll start sleeping through the night sometime before this baby is born... because there is no way I can get up with TWO babies every night!
I also started school again recently, so if I'm not using my extra time and energy to study, fix myself something to eat, or clean... you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm sleeping. Or trying to, at least. I've been having crazy crazy vivid/scary dreams lately. Seriously. You should see me tiptoe into Elliot's room in the middle of the night to get him and jump at every tiny noise.

It's really starting to sink in that I'm pregnant and I am getting more and more excited! We've been talking about names, what we need to buy, and how life will be different with 2 under 2 and I just love it all.
My first OB appointment is on MONDAY!

Well, this is the lamest blog post ever.
Can I make it up to you with some pictures?

IMG_9338 copy
This just reminds me of Lady and the Tramp!!

IMG_9344 copy
Guess who FINALLY learned how to hold his own sippy?

IMG_9347 copy
Big, CHEESY smile :D

IMG_9354 copy
annnnd another.


  1. it's been a bit since i've actually had the chance to comment. just wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy! :) I'm due 4/19, and totally understand the exhaustion! Since I'm about 14 1/2 weeks it's been a lot easier. The 1st trimester was so different this time around.

    Elliot is getting so big, can't believe it! Weren't you just pregnant with him last week??!! Ugh, time flies!

    good luck monday with your OB appointment! :)

  2. i think i have to share the award with you i've been tired too and havent had any internet.

    I hope it gets easier for you I do feel for you my mum had me and my brother 18 months apart and I dont know how she done it.

    At least you'll have Aaron when hes around.

    Elliot is growing up fast Philip wont even drink from a straw and hes alot older then Elliot.

    Dont worry bout him teething once the first molar is through the others are alot easier Philip has his 4 pre-molars already.

    Good luck for Monday hope everything goes ok.


  3. Elliot is SO SO gorgeous! WOW! Those eyes! Those teeth!

    You are a busy and amazing lady. I am very impressed.

    Hope that nausea doesn't give you too much trouble.

  4. you have all my sympathies! being pregnant without children is one thing. but then when you're pregnant and STILL have a family to take care of, it is pure exhaustion! i know the first three months that i was pregnant with owsley went by in a zombie-like state. i can remember peppy taking gage out for bike rides in the evening, and coming back inside to find me asleep and drooling on the side of the couch. :)

  5. He is absolutely adorable!! Wonderful pictures!! Congrats on your new little one!!

  6. You are excused. :)

    I'm so excited for you (again)!

    I almost bought that hoodie for Ethan...twice. Each time I'm in Target, I eye it up. I need to just buy it.

  7. Bless ya ! You must be exhausted with elliot and bump, and yes the gorgeous picture make the post even better ;)

    Did you plan for 2 under 2 ?? Or was it a happy suprise ??

  8. Look at all those teeth he's got! And don't even feel bad - it can be a challenge being pregnant with a little dude crawling all around! I remember being super tired, ALL the time! Rest and enjoy your time :)

  9. I think you have a good, the best, reason for not blogging. And you have a good eye, that photo of your dh and Elliot with the spaghetti made me smile from ear to ear- adorable!


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