Monday, October 17, 2011

water baby

Now that we're finally pretty much settled in Texas, we're finally making friends and {gasp} actually going out and exploring this great state!
On Saturday, which just so happened to also be Sweetest Day, we explored the Lampasas river with our friends Jay and Susan. The guys had a blast trying to spear fish with homemade spears, climbing trees and rocks, and jumping into the water. Boys will be boys, at any age!
It made me excited for when Elliot will be old enough to explore and get dirty. For now, though, Elliot enjoyed being carried around in the bjorn and then sitting in a shallow part of the river where he could feel the current on his back and bum. Even though the water was a little chilly, he was right at home!

IMG_9247 copy
If that's not a cute face, then I don't know what is.


IMG_9260 copy He thought this was absolutely HILARIOUS!

IMG_9308 copy
Elliot and mama

IMG_9215 copy
Hanging out with Daddy in the water.

IMG_9144 copy
There's a monkey on your shoulder...

IMG_9116 copy
Silly face!

IMG_9291 copy - Copy (2)
Give a boy a stone, and he's happy!

IMG_9287 copy

IMG_9296 copy
He was leaning forward to get some stones of his own...

IMG_9197 copy

The minute we took him out of the water, Elliot started shivering, poor baby. So we promptly dried him off, put him in some clean clothes, wrapped him up in a towel, and headed home. We grabbed a bite to eat, put Elliot to bed, and then Jay and Susan babysat Elliot so that Aaron and I could go out by ourselves for the first time in a LONG time. It was only the second date we've been on together in over two years! We were both tired (hey, it was a long day!) so we decided just to go to the movies. We both had a good time, and at one point, Aaron whispered, "this is a really good movie... but I miss Elliot!" That pretty much melted my heart. Of course, this pregnancy has my hormones all out of whack so it doesn't take much these days.

Before I forget: Elliot turned TEN MONTHS old yesterday!
I promise to do his monthly post tomorrow.

Oh, and one other thing. We want to get another baby carrier, one that is somewhat similar to the bjorn but for older/larger babies, because even though Elliot is nowhere near the weight limit of the bjorn, I've read it doesn't support heavier babies correctly and soon enough the new baby will be using it! If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment or email me! I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!


  1. He is too freaking cute and I can't believe how big he's getting! He has so much hair now lol!! I have no suggestions for carries though, I've never used one. I hope you can find one that suits you guys!

    Petit Monstree

  2. Ergo carrier- it's the best!
    Check on Ebay for one!

  3. I second the ergo carrier - still carry my 14 month old in it a lot. I have 7 baby carriers and it's definitely the best. Cost a little more but worth the investment and there's a lot around second hand :)

  4. Oh yay!! Date time! That is always the best. Glad you guys are having a great time in TX! Elliot is so stinkin cute!! Let me know if you find a carrier. I have also heard great things about Ergo but it was kind of pricey and I'm not sure if Noah would even like it. But I DO need one. So if you find one, pleassse let me know!!!

  5. CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! So exciting.

    I also recommend the Ergo Carrier. My daughter is 16 months and about 23lbs +/- and we still put her in it. It honestly feels like you aren't even wearing a carrier.

  6. I've heard the Ergo Carrier is wonderful, I'm even considering getting it so we can still carry around Laila. Right now we have the Bjorn and I just don't feel too comfortable using it since she is getting so big.

    Elliot is such a ham and getting so big!!

  7. I didn't like the Ergo as much as I liked the CatBird Baby Pikkolo becuase the Ergo makes an H on your back (straps go straight down and then a connecter between straps near your shoulders) and I didn't find it nearly as supportive as the X (similar to the Bjorn's straps) that the Pikkolo makes. YOU NEED TO MAKE A TRIP UP TO DALLAS and go to my local shop and try them on! They carry Ergo, Beco, Boba, Catbird Baby and many ringslings and wraps!!!

  8. Happy 10 Months Elliot !

    I love all your pics hun, It's not fair that your in shorts and t-shirt while me and Josh are in wolly hats, scarf and gloves :(

  9. Another vote for the Ergo! I love ours and it was the carrier highly recommended to me when I was shopping around.

  10. Yet another vote for the Ergo. I think it's AMAZING! I carry Corben on my back with it and it makes him feel a million times lighter and he absolutely loves being in it.

  11. His hair is getting so long!! I have heard the Ergo is a great carrier, but I ended up getting a Catbird Baby Carrier and also love it! It is super similar to the Ergo, but made by a smaller company. There are so many great ones out there - I would love at what ways you can carry your baby and at what age (newborn/infant/toddler and front facing out/front facing to you/on your back/on your side) - there are seriously so so many options!!!

  12. He is SO cute. That face!

    And I also recommend the Ergo, it's fantastic. And they show up on babysteals every so often!

  13. Your pics are great, as always! Elliot is such a cutie!!!!!

  14. I have a Beco and it's the best --- I also love the Babyhawk Oh Snap.. it's more for a toddler size. Both give you the ability to cross the straps in the back for more comfort.

    And your photos are gorgeous! love the water!

    talk to Jillian from she can help you out with anything and even lets you rent carriers to try out before you buy them!

  15. Absolutely fabulous pictures as always, Elliot has changed SO much!

  16. Wow... he is so big! I would recommend the Ergo. I used it with Marshall for a while. But he got too squirmy and decide that he no longer wanted to be contained in anything. I've been told the Becco is also good but I've never used it.

  17. omg - i know it's like 130 miles away buttttt we're moving to dallas this spring!!!

  18. Another vote for the Ergo! I used mine every day

  19. I'm 100% Beco. Ergo isn't as comfortable to me. I actually just returned the ergo because it felt too bulky. I've used mine since my little one was 3 months old and still use it
    (she is now 2 years old). Both are great carriers. I think it just comes down to personal preference.

  20. These photos of the little one are way too cute!

  21. An Ergo is the best! He is super cute and getting so big.

  22. oh my goodness! he is just so cute!!!!!


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