Monday, October 10, 2011

He's sick, I'm sick, we're all sick.

Although Elliot has been out of the NICU for seven months now, his immune system is still really low. So, surprise, surprise- he's sick again. It's been cold and rainy here, and I've been horribly nauseous and exhausted anyways, so we've been hanging out in our PJs together lately. It's quite glamorous. ;) Okay, maybe not. But I love cuddling with my baby boy and I also love being pregnant, so I can't complain too much!
I'm hoping all this nausea means that this little peanut will be as strong as his/her big brother was in the belly. I've been spotting a little but not too much. I can't wait to go to the doctor next week to find out my beta levels, see our little bean on an ultrasound, and make sure everything is okay (so far).

The medicine must be working. Look at this silly boy!

IMG_8731 copy

IMG_8728 copy

IMG_8738 copy

IMG_8741 copy

I think he'd rather be outside-

IMG_8751 copy

But he'll have to wait awhile!

Thank you so much for all of the congratulations and support on this new pregnancy! I can't wait to share this journey with you all. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a healthy baby and a much less stressful pregnancy this time!
PS: I promise to catch up on all your blogs soon!


  1. Glad your baby boy is feeling better! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Landon continues to do well. We are going on a stretch with no ear infections and no colds! Yay! Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy news! Praying lil baby is growing and doing well.

    Hope you all start to feel better soon!

  3. With pregnancy spotting can be normal and mean absolutely nothing, or as I found out with my pregnancy, can be not good. Not to freak you out, because I'm sure everything is fine, it doesn't hurt anything to get checked out. It at least provides peace of mind. Sorry Elliot is sick. He's so cute still.

  4. Jennifer- I'd love to get checked out but my doctor isn't open until tomorrow :( and unless you soak through a pad they said not to go to the ER. I hope everything's okay!

  5. I kept bleeding up untill I was about 10 weeks pregnant hun and Josh was just fine :) dont' worry too much about it x x x

  6. I hope you both feel better soon, and I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  7. Oh Jess I'm sure everything is fine! I didn't mean to cause you further worry. That certainly doesn't help anything. I think that I'm still trying to make sense of everything because my situation made absolutely no sense at all and I'm living in the "what if's". Spotting is so normal in so many pregnancy's. Just give your doc a call tomorrow and I'm sure he'll tell you not to worry or at the very least you'll get an earlier appointment and get to see that sweet baby of yours even sooner!

  8. and... who won the londonware wool?

  9. Sorry to hear you're both feeling icky..feel better soon! Elliot looking so grown up, his hair is so light cute, love seeing his pics! Wonder if maybe this time it'll be a girl?!!
    P.s. puppy? did I miss something?

  10. A very late congratulations! That's so exciting! My fingers will be firmly crossed for you, I hope everything goes well! xxx


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