Wednesday, October 12, 2011

love for Daddy

As you all know, my husband was gone for months 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of Elliot's life. When Aaron came home, he was {understandably} disappointed and sad because Elliot seemed to want nothing to do with him. Sure, he would let Aaron hold him, but I was the one he really wanted. If he was hungry, fussy, sleepy, or scared, he only wanted mama. He screamed every time I left the room. It really crushed my husband, who claimed that Elliot "didn't like him," even though I knew that he did.
Recently, things have finally started to turn around. When Aaron comes home from work, Elliot's whole face lights up in a smile. Before he can even get his boots off, Elliot literally launches himself at him. He knows that there are certain things that he can only get away with when mama's not around, and he knows that Daddy is the one who "roughhouses" with him while playing. Elliot absolutely LOVES when his daddy throws him up in the air, spins him around, hangs him upside down by his feet, etc. It used to nearly give me a heart attack, but now I've gotten so used to it that I just sit back and watch Elliot squeal and laugh. Aaron is definitely WAY stronger than I am and he actually has hand-eye-coordination, while I pretty much don't. So, for that reason, I never try to do these things with Elliot, and he knows that Daddy is the one to go to if he wants to play like that.
Elliot is definitely still a mama's boy- he snuggles more with me, and I'm the only one who can put him to sleep. He still clings to me at times or cries randomly when I leave the room, but it's different now because it's obvious that he loves his Daddy, too- and Aaron knows that. It just makes me a little sad to think that Aaron will be deploying again not too long from now, and Elliot won't have anyone to swing him around or hold him by his ankles. Even worse- he's going to miss even more of baby #2's first year of life than he did with Elliot.
I've learned you can't dwell on those things, though. That's just military life. All you can do is treasure the time you do have together and {in my case} take lots and lots of pictures!

IMG_8860 copy

IMG_8874 copy

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  1. Lovely photos! You will surely treasure these forever & be glad you have them! Your positive attitude and acceptance of military life inspires me to be more accepting of the things in my own life that I can not change.
    Your honesty is one of the reason why I keep coming to your blog every day, Jess!
    Keep smiling :)

  2. awww bless the same is like that for my son and my hubby. they love playing like tht. glad to hear that elliot is remembering aaron.
    Love the photos too they made me smile soooo much just shows the love and the fun between daddy and son.

  3. JESS!! OMG AHH!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!! I seriously have not been on in weeks and then I come to see cute little Elliot and read the great news!! I am so so soooo excited for you guys!!

    Having two under two is crazy, busy, awesome, amazing, fun, and scary.. but it is soooo worth it! I can't wait to follow this new journey you're family is on! Congratulations again girl! <3

  4. Aww bless I don't know how you cope with Aaron away so long but I suppose it makes those moments he is with you all sooo much more specail :D

    Love u all x x

  5. ahahahah adorable - I'm the one that rough plays with maia and jose watches holding his breath hahaha

  6. GREAT photos! It was the exact same way for us. My husband was deployed months 2 through 8 and it was rough with Corben when he came home. I hated the transition period, but now it's like he never even left. The daddy-son relationship is a special one.

  7. Glad to hear that Elliot is remembering Aaron. Love the photos too, they made me smile.

  8. Passing on a blogger award!

  9. Okay so those photos are TOO adorable!

    And thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment! really, it made me smile :)

    much love♥

  10. Amen- appreciate every moment you do have together. THey are precious! Love those pictures too! :) Elliot is getting sooo big! :)


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