Tuesday, June 4, 2013

can we just be in Costa Rica already?

Yesterday, Aaron found our dream home in Costa Rica. I've never seen him light up so much while talking about a potential house in my life. It's actually not the house itself that we're so excited about, although it meets (and exceeds) all of our criteria- it has three bedrooms, each with a balcony, and two bathrooms... with a stone shower and a jacuzzi tub! It's what lies outside that's so exciting. The house sits right on a river and is surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation. All kinds of fruit trees and gardens fill the property. Seriously, guys, you've never seen so much green in your life!

I can just imagine going on long walks, picking fresh fruits from fruit trees along the way. What little boy wouldn't rather learn to swim in a refreshing river than a chlorinated pool? I can already see Elliot throwing a tennis ball and watching our dog chase it and disappear briefly into the jungle of green. After a day of learning and exploring, once the boys were tucked into their beds, Aaron and I would sit on the balcony, drinking te caliente and making plans for the next day, while nature hummed in the background. Or, I could escape for a bit and catch up on my reading in the jacuzzi tub. Doesn't that sound so blissful? All this for only $500/month! Crazy, right?

It's not the exact area we have been looking in- the house is near the small, quiet mountain village of San Gerardo de Rivas, which borders a nature reserve. Although my husband would probably love living in the middle of nowhere, I'd be more comfortable a bit closer to a larger town with shopping and restaurants and the amenities... but we could make it work.

This is just one of many houses we have fallen in love with in Costa Rica. It still amazes me that in just a few months, we will be living a life we've always dreamed about! Now, if only the VA/Army could pick up the pace a little... all this waiting and wondering is aggravating.

for now, we'll just pretend this is Elliot exploring the rainforest instead of our apartment complex, okay? ;)

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  1. Definitely let me know! A farm, how wonderful! The little village probably has enough to get us by, I'm just a little nervous about it. I need to do some more research. Apparently a woman offers cooking classes there, though... and there are hot springs! And buses- gotta have the buses.

  2. oh my gosh. when can we visit???

    seriously. this house is AMAZING! and 500 a month? that's incredible!

  3. I know, it's crazy, right? And there are dozens and dozens of similar houses in the same price range. This one happens to be furnished, as well, which is handy in our situation- we'll be arriving without furniture.

  4. Sounds great! I'm in... just have to find a short term rental near by. =) I can give you some baking lessons, if you'd like. Our little mom's group in the Central Valley has been sharing some gooood recipes. I bake my own bread weekly now & can't believe I never considered it before. That and home made pizza--mmmmm.

  5. If you can't find a place to stay nearby, you are always welcome to stay with us for a bit! You can repay us by simply teaching me how to make homemade bread and pizza crust ;)

  6. HeartshapedleavesJune 4, 2013 at 9:00 PM

    So incredible. I seriously am so excited to read about your adventures there and I keep trying to come up with ways to convince my husband we should move out of country!

  7. That looks AMAZING!!! So jealous right now! I can so see the boys in that river and the water is so clear! Fingers crossed for you and what a bargain!!

  8. Wow! That looks amazing. I'd be jumping out of my head too!!

  9. I'm so excited to follow along your journey!!!


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