Thursday, June 20, 2013

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THIS WEEK'S THEMES: Capturing, Releasing, Sending, Mending, Recommending

Elliot and Emmett are currently...

Capturing pictures on their fisher price play camera. Whenever Elliot fishes his toy camera out of the bottom of the toybox, he always knows just what to do- he follows his baby brother around while looking through the viewfinder, then when the time is right, he pushes the shutter button and with a "BOING!" Then he sometimes looks up at me, smiles and says, "cute!"

Releasing fuzzy caterpillars, spindly spiders, and shiny beatles back into the wild. One of Elliot's favorite things to do now, thanks to my husband, is to go "bug hunting." He is very careful with his little friends, unlike some of his friends at the playground, and he is always sure to set them back into the grass or on a tree with a little "Bye bye, buggy!"

Mending any "boo boos" that Mama or Daddy get with sweet little toddler kisses.

I am currently...

Capturing crappy iPhone pictures instead of using my nice DSLR, like I should be. I've been a bit lazy lately, which makes me sad because I know each time that I don't get out my camera are more memories lost. I've been wanting to start a 365 project- I should probably get on that. I need some motivation!

Sending good vibes out into the universe to all those looking to buy/rent a new house. I keep hoping that the good karma will come back to us and we'll finally settle upon our dream house/location in Costa Rica. Right now we're so undecided that we actually have TOO MANY choices. How is that even possible?

Recommending a glass of wine... or three, for myself. Seriously people, Emmett has had a fever for probably 16 days so far this month, and I've about had it. I don't know what is making him so sick (and neither do his doctors, apparently) but I'm beyond ready to have my baby 100% healthy and happy again.

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