Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting to know me {via my diaper bag}

Since someone is sleeping BY HIMSELF on the couch, I thought it was a good time to jump online and do a fun link up!

Tara at our journey is doing a fun link-up. She wants to know what we keep in our diaper bags {or purses}. You should stop by and join in on the fun!
What do you keep in YOUR diaper bag? Because, let's face it ladies: what new mama really carries a purse anymore?

Here's my diaper bag:


And here's what's inside:



- an extra sleeper and onesie
- diaper, wipes, paisley wet bag {for dirty dipes}, and Burt's Bees Baby Bee butt balm
- burp cloth
- "Little Remedies" baby tylenol
- an extra bottle
- Sophie the giraffe, a cool swirly teether, sassy rattle
- 2 pacifiers {because I'm ALWAYS losing them!} and pacifier wipes
- my wallet


  1. I can't 100% swear to it, but from what I've been told the only diaper cream that you can use with cloth diapers is the California Baby brand. Anything else will effect the diapers ability to absorb. Your diaper bag is so much more organized than mine. I have mine packed with so much crap. If I have time I'll join in on the fun. My Mom gets into town tonight and I'm getting ready. Yay!

  2. i always always loose her paci's like umm always!

    what do you think of the wipes? do the make it tasty funny to elliot? ive been ify on getting the mom that pops it in her mouth to clean it off :S

  3. Jennifer- thanks to the cloth, we've never had a rash yet so we haven't used any creams. We do, however, use disposable liners in the dipes which form a protective layer between the cream and the diaper. :)
    Tara- I use the wipes all the time and he doesn't seem to mind. I actually tasted one after using it the first time to see and it doesn't really leave a taste. :) I was sold when the NICU explained how many germs end up on pacis... even when they're not on the floor.

  4. We've never had a rash either. Yet another reason why cloth diapering is the BOMB!

  5. We have a lot of the same stuff, Sophie is the best, it took Caleb a while to like it but now he adores her! I think I own backups for my backups of pacis! I need to use those wipes more because I don't.

  6. Can I just say that your bag is freaking adorable and we both own so many of the same outfits... lol

    He looks so peaceful, glad he is sleeping/napping better for you!

  7. i love your bag! it looks like it holds so much! i keep so much in mine... all noah and not me! i don't know why i just don't pack for the time. i usually have like 6 diapers in there. don't ask me WHY i would be out and need 6 diapers unless i'm gone all day which is unlikely. i bought a vera bag and i LOVE it but it doesn't hold much. :( i got another bigger one cheap brand and it's huge but i feel bad not using vera since it was a gift and very expensive! :(

  8. we have the same print diaper bag!
    I am always losing pacifiers...we have a million all over our house!

  9. Thanks, Breanna!
    And Erin- I was so close to just using a Vera Bradley bag as a diaper bag- but the pockets didn't seem right to me. I looove her bags though!!!

  10. Do the burp cloths REALLY last all day? Hadley spits up like crazy, leaks/dribbles tons, and pukes when she eats too fast... So I need something really really really super absorbent. They're so pretty and they look great, so I am trying to convince my husband to let me get them lol. If I can convince him that they are really THAT good, he will let me... Please tell me they are!


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