Thursday, May 26, 2011

the army's new plans for our family

My husband called me today with some exciting news- he finally got his projection, has a levy brief first thing tomorrow morning, and should have his orders within a week. For those of you unfamilar with the army lingo, this basically means that we're finding out exactly what his new job {MOS} in Texas will be, and exactly where {what unit} he'll be heading.
Of course, none of this is set in stone until he actually has his orders in hand... but here's what he will be doing, most likely.
He is still going to be a UAV {unmanned air vehicle} pilot, but instead of flying the Shadow spy planes that he flies now, he will be flying Warrior Alpha planes, which are equipped with hellfire missiles! Although I'm a pacifist, my husband is definitely NOT. {You know what they say about how opposites attract...} Truthfully, he really misses the danger and adrenaline rush of his infantry days. This new job will give him a taste of that excitment again- but since he is not actually INSIDE the plane, the chances of him being shot again are slim to none {THANK GOD!}.
In addition, it looks like he is going to join a batallion, which I won't name here, that mostly does top secret search and destroy missions. This group... we'll call it "Task Force O" usually deploys every six months for six months at a time. To some of you, that may sound awful, but quite honestly, a six month deployment is much easier to handle than twelve months {or longer}. Aaron spent fifteen months in Iraq and is now in Korea for twelve months. Honestly, I cannot imagine him being gone for so long again. So, yes, he will deploying a lot more often. But he'll also be gone for a much shorter period of time.
Honestly, I couldn't be happier for him- this is right up his alley and we both think he will like his job a lot more now. In fact, he has been thinking seriously about getting out of the army once this contract is finished, but if he really enjoys this new job, then he will probably make this a career, which I am all for- especially in this uncertain economy!
{49 Days!}


  1. Oh my gosh! Scary! My boyfriend is about to go to basic for the Airforce, and I have no idea what to expect... exciting but nerve wrecking. I hope he comes home safely!

  2. Thank you for serving our country, Aaron! God bless you all, Jess!

  3. That sounds like great news! Keep us all posted! :)

  4. Sounds awesome! Glad things are coming together so well for you guys.

  5. I hope the Army works fast for you so you can figure out what needs to happen next. Being an Army wife myself I know you really don't know for sure until you receive those orders... and then you still really don't know sometimes :)

  6. That's great that his job will be more suited to him (hopefully)! I *almost* wish my husband had stayed in the army, just for the job security and insurance! But, it's definitely not easy! I commend you both, and I hope that you get for sure answers soon!


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