Sunday, May 29, 2011

the teething machine

Elliot is teething LIKE CRAZY!!. EVERYTHING goes into his mouth, and he is so drooly that he has to wear a bib 24/7... or else he soaks through his shirt in twenty minutes. The bib serves a dual function because he has been spitting up an awful lot lately, too. Luckily, he has a bunch of super adorable bibs from Chloe's Closet. If you haven't had the luxury of trying one out yet... I urge you... DO IT! They're soft, incredibly absorbent, and they come in tons of different prints. What's not to love?
He already has two teeth, his two front incisors on the bottom. In fact, he's had them for about a week now. Yes, I realize that I didn't post about this yet. Truth is, I was kind of sad. I miss his gummy smile, and getting teeth is not a big milestone to me. Now, if he had rolled over or sat up unassisted, THAT would be something to celebrate! But TEETH?! I would've been perfectly happy if he wouldn't have gotten his first pearly white until he was 12+ months old.
I can't complain, though. He's a trooper! Despite all the teething, he hardly fusses at all. He was happy as can be the day the first tooth broke through! That amber teething necklace must be working.

See? See! Not one, but TWO teeth... they came in only about 12 hours apart.

Elliot and his favorite teether/friend, Sophie. :)




  1. The pictures of Elliot and his Sophie are adorable. Poor little guy (and mama) though! Teething is so miserable.

  2. Haha... I could have written this post! Marshall has his first 2 lower teeth and we go through bibs like crazy. Poor Sophie is getting a work out!

  3. He is so adorable!

    Love your blog! How long until your husband gets home?


  4. awww i felt the same way when eli got his frst teeth. but i think elliot looks more handsome then ever. ;)

  5. @ThePlacesWe'llGo: 45 days!!! :D

  6. Sophie is my favorite gift to give to new mamas and their babies!

  7. Oh my goodness, teefers! Ethan is teething, but nothing has poked through so far. I see the same 2 teeth as Elliot, though, underneath E's gums...oh boy!

  8. He looks really cute with those teeth! ♥

  9. I really need to get one of those maber teethers....we went to a wedding a few weeks ago and someone had one on their son and swears by them.
    Aydan still likes Sophie - but I think he perfers other things, books, Mama's necklace...everything he's not suppose to chew


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