Thursday, May 5, 2011


I took some of the advice you lovely ladies gave me. After slathering up Elliot's head with olive oil and combing out the chunks and loose hair {yuck!} Elliot's cradle cap is now about 95% better. Hooray! He might not have much hair left... but hey, at least his scalp looks nice again. You know... since you can see it so well these days :).

Remember how just a few days ago, I was worried that Elliot wasn't grabbing or picking up things yet?

nom nom nom.
Yeah. Well, obviously that's not a problem anymore.

Biggg boy!
He can pick up big things...

... and little things. He loves pushing these beads to the other side {where he can't reach} and waiting for me to push them back.

What, mom?
Elliot hanging out in his walker, which he LOVES!

Can't touch!
He can't touch the floor yet, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Well hey, there.
He also likes to lay on my lap while I'm reading. Now, how much do you actually think I'm able to read when I look down and see this adorable little face looking up at me?! Not much. That's for sure.

And just a mini rant: My husband comes home in 70 days, and we STILL haven't heard where we're moving next. We really want to live on base this time, and I want to get things set up with the movers. But, you know, we can't really put our names on the housing list OR have our stuff sent anywhere, until we know where the heck we're moving.
Technically, you are supposed to get a reassignment projection 90 days before you leave. That was 20 days ago. Just sayin.

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  1. Man he just gets cuter and cuter.

    and yay for your husband coming home soon! Sorry to hear the Army (he is Army right?) is being typical Army. Hope they get together and you find out soon. It is stressful enough moving without having to stress over getting it done quickly.

  2. I love that bottom picture of Elliot! Awww! Hooray for picking up things - isn't that the best feeling when they do something new like that!
    I hope your husband is able to see all these wonderful milestones he is hitting while he is away - that has to be hard for both of you. Glad he is home in 70 days - that's nothing! It will pass fast!! :) (Easy for me to say)

  3. you could download intense debate and reply to comments. i tried it once, but i don't know. i just didn't like the feel. maybe i just don't do too well with change. :)

  4. Elliot looks so amazing!!!! I can't believe how big he's gotten :) those big brown eyes are just to die for Jess :)

  5. Oh my goodness, he has got some beautiful eyes! Congrats on the hubby being home in 70 days! Hope they hurry up and fill you guys in on the moving.

  6. Thanks, ladies! We actually JUST found out where we're going. New post to come!

  7. He is so adorable! Such great pictures!! Can't wait to find out where you are moving!!

  8. Aw yay for Elliot! So cute! I hope they let you know soon, that must really suck! Good luck with everything. :)

    The Sweetest Life

  9. Your photos are beautiful! Of course, it helps that your subject matter is adorable :) But seriously, you are rocking the new camera!

  10. His face in the 4th picture is priceless! He is just too cute I can't get over it!

  11. Aw! You guys are so sweet. It's nice to know I'm not the ONLY one who is smitten with my little man. Of course, I'm partial. ;)

  12. Love the pic of Elliot in his walker, with the cute smile/smirk! Such a little cutie!

  13. Elliot is such a cutie!!! :)

  14. Oh he is So Cute! I am SO glad the Olive Oil worked for you... i LOVE olive oil!!! It's so wonderful for so many things!

  15. Now that Elliot is grabbing things everything will be fair game :)


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