Monday, May 2, 2011

my balding baby


Oh, hey there!

Elliot may not be rolling over yet, but he is trying very hard to crawl. In fact, with a lot of effort, he can wiggle his way across the carpet. It's pretty darn cute and reminds me that we need to do some serious baby proofing!
He is also REALLY interested in food. He will stop anything he's doing if he sees someone munching on something, and he watches my fork {or spoon} go from my plate to my mouth and back again, completely transfixed. I feel a little bad withholding food from him, since he is so excited about it. But then again, just because he seems ready on the outside does not in any way mean that he's ready on the inside. I've been reading a lot about it. The AAP recommends waiting until 6 months, so I'll wait. We definitely don't need to take any chances with his sensitive tummy.
What else is new around here? Well, Elliot has a pretty bad case of cradle cap that just appeared overnight a few days ago. It's starting to look better but it's pretty gross and to be honest, it gives me the heebie jeebies. I have no idea whether this is related or just a coincidence, but he is also losing his hair at an alarming rate. I have washed his crib sheets the last three days in a row because every morning they are COVERED in hair. And anytime I rub his head, a million little hairs come out. They're sticking to EVERYTHING- especially his mouth, since he's so drooly.
I can't believe I fell in love with a bald, toothless man! :)


  1. the drool hanging from his mouth {last picture} just cracks me up. what a silly.

  2. Aww lol that's too cute! Alyson had a HUGE bald spot on the back of her head for a while. It grows back once they start sitting up more and aren't always laying down though so don't worry lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  3. Sylvie used to have cradle cap and I discovered the best natural remedy for it: OLIVE OIL. Rub a little EVOO all over his head and put an old hat over it for about 15 minutes. The flakes will come right off with fine-tooth comb. Warning: It's pretty gross and he will lose a little hair with it. Also, do it right before his bath as you will have to shampoo the excess oil out. We did this 3 times months ago and the cradle cap has been under control since. She still gets patches of flakes from time to time, but nothing like it was. We use California Baby Tea Tree Shampoo for maintenance. It works great, has a lovely fragrance and it all natural. Just a little advice. Cradle cap or not, Elliot is adorable.

  4. sara is right.. we used regular baby oil and combed it out and washed it with shampoo. as for the hair.. it's natural for the "baby" hairs to fall out at his age and they will soon be replaced with "infant/child/adult" hair follicles. Also, good on you for waiting for the 6 month mark on the food, we did that too and all was fine. no problems at all with food... we didn't do rice cereal or oatmeal though because the grains aren't very good for the baby in the early eating stages and are hard to digest... even though almost all drs suggest it. you can look that one up and decide for yourself though.

    good luck mama, he is growing fast and so very adorable! i love his expressions.

  5. I don't like baby oil (Mineral oil) in the end it does more harm then good so i use olive oil and just rub Chloe's head gently with a washcloth before her bath, it removed flakes and helps hydrate the scalp and its completely natural!

    Chloe is balding a lot to! She use to have so much more hair lol! I love the scooting! Isn't it great! lol. He's such a cutie!

  6. My son Aaryan was born with a pretty decent head of dark hair, but he went COMPLETELY bald within the first month or so. It grew back quickly though, and an entirely different color! ;-) As far as I know, it's quite common for babies to experience balding...

  7. I love bald babies - so cute!

    How exciting is the scooting! Max is just starting to do that, but he hasn't worked out that he needs to move his hands too, so it looks like he's going to do a somersault. So funny!

  8. i call it "cradle crap" lol.

    he's still cute. balding & all.

  9. My little girl started losing her hair when she was a few months old and it led her to have a baby mohawk.

    What was weird though was as much hair as she lost, we would never find any hair in her bassinett or anywhere else. It's like it just disappeared into thin air. Her super drool probably dissolved it.

    Elliot has such amazing eyes and is such a bright little boy. I think he's a keeper, balding and all. ;)

  10. Your last sentence totally made me giggle :)
    I guess I never noticed when my Elliott lost her hair....but it definitely happened! She was born with a full head, but around 3 or 4 months it started thinning out. She was fairly bald for a while, and it started growing back around 9 months :)
    Hair or not, Elliot is so stinkin' cute!


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