Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I love

I love that:
- My son grabs my face and tries to put his fingers in my mouth when I hover over him.
- He gives kisses on command
- He buries his face into my chest when he's sleepy
- He roars like a dinousaur before shoving things {anything, really} into his mouth. Then he grins when we laugh at him. I'm pretty sure he knows how hilarious he is.
- He holds onto my arm now when I carry him around
- He screeches to his little heart's content while playing in his walker
- He will concentrate really hard on moving the little beads on his walker, and the minute he pushes all four to the other side, he looks right up at me and waits for me to push them back
- He cuddles his little lovey blankie when he's sleeping
- He laughs every.single.time you lift him up over your head
- He stops fussing the minute he sees a bottle being made
- After waking up, he just lays in his crib for a few minutes talking, and always greets me with a big smile when I go to get him
He is just so much fun!


  1. "He buries his face into my chest when he's sleepy" - Isn't that just eh best thing ever. Julianna is not a nuzzler - so when she does anything close to that, it melts my heart. Take it all in Mommy! :)

  2. Elliot's not cuddly either, only if he doesn't feel well or if he's tired. So I definitely soak it up while I can :)

  3. Aww what a sweetie.

    I love those photos on your header. Is that an amber teething necklace?

  4. Yup, it's an amber teething necklace. I'm loving it!

  5. those are such good pictures! I really like the one where he is laying in the grass....and the one with you holding him :)


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