Thursday, November 17, 2011

the boy and the feather.

I don't think I ever told you about Elliot's obsession with feathers. You see, our apartment complex has a duck pond. Naturally, there are duck feathers randomly strewn about in the grass, and if Elliot happens to see one, he will do anything and everything he can think of to try to get to it. To Elliot's dismany, duck feathers are off limits. Ducks are cute... but probably not the cleanest animals in the world. Of course, that only makes him even more determined to get them!

Elliot has always had a dream catcher hanging above his crib. Both Aaron and I had dream catchers above our beds as children, and it was a little tradition that we wanted to continue on with our kids. You can see the dream catcher below (old picture):

IMG_8677 copy

WELL. At some point, last night, Elliot must have gotten bored, finally noticed that feather, and decided to get his hands on it. He got it, all right!

IMG_9972 - Copy
He ripped it right off! Today, he found it on the floor next to his crib.

IMG_9968 copy - Copy
... and put it straight in his mouth, of course.

IMG_9976 copy

IMG_9974 copy
Guess I need a new dream catcher! (Or feather!)


  1. Omg, his hair looks more and more orange/blonde every new picture I see. So cute!

  2. Such a cute cheeky boy :) Maybe putting the dream cathcer higher next time would be a good idea hehe

  3. Aah, that first picture! Love his little face ;D

  4. He is so sweet! :) My boys LOVE feathers and always want to keep every one they find! :)


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