Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hello from sickland!

After feeling better the last couple days, I am REALLY, REALLY sick today. I won't go into details, but trust me... it's not pretty. You know, if there's one thing that I definitely took for granted about my pregnancy with Elliot, it was that 99% of the time I felt really great in the first trimester. Granted, it all got a whole lot more complicated starting at 14 weeks... but up until then? Picture perfect pregnancy.
I swear I must be having a girl!!

I'm not too sick to cuddle with my baby boy, though!
IMG_9834 copy

new hair.
As promised, a quick snapshot of my new hair. :)


  1. i hope you all feel better! and your little guy is so so SO adorable! :)

  2. :( I hope you feel better soon. I would be totally surprised if you have another boy... I don't know why, but I just have a feeling you're having a girl too. I thought the same thing about me because I was so sick at first, but since Friday I've been feeling more like I did with C. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

  3. loveee your hair color

  4. I was sick 24/7 when I was pregnant for 3 whole months. Zofran saved my life... You should ask your doc about it!

  5. Oh no - Sorry you are not feeling well ... and it's worse after 14 weeks?! You poor thing... thats the time we all look forward to so you can start feeling better! :(
    Feel better!

  6. Happt belated Birthday! I love the hair!

    Hope you feel better soon - i can't imagine feeling sick all the time while being pregnant and taking care of a little one!

  7. awww hope you feel better! and my sister felt totally sick all the time during her first three months of pregnancy, and she had a girl :) so you never know, lol!

  8. You may feel sick but your both looking fab !

    Hope it passes soon x

    p.s stop making me broody !!

  9. Hope you're feeling better and I'm lovin' the new 'do!!


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