Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween weekend recap: a big scare and lots of treats

I figured it was about time to update you on our whirlwind of a weekend.
Friday we went to the Task Force Odin Halloween night on post. Aaron was busy working in the haunted house most of the time, but there was lots of good food and company. I enjoy meeting and socializing with other army wives. They had a trunk decorating contest and the kids got to trick or treat. Elliot met lots of other cute babies in costumes, and the best part? We entered him in the costume contest and he won SECOND PLACE for his age group! :) I was one proud mama. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought he was the cutest cow baby around!! He won a cute teddy bear in ACU's, a halloween cup, spoons, a bib, some jars of baby food, and some lollipops.

IMG_9548 copy

IMG_9531 copy
Smelly Ellie the cow.

IMG_9585 copy
Elliot and mama trick or treating.

Saturday morning, around 5am, I woke up because Elliot was crying and realized that I was covered in blood... a lot of blood. I had soaked through my underwear, pantiliner, shorts, sheets, and a bit of the mattress. I had been spotting lightly for a few days before that, but it was nothing compared to this! I woke Aaron up and we rushed to the ER. On the way there, I had this sinking feeling. I could still feel the blood coming out of me, and I was convinced I was having a miscarriage. I just kept praying that the baby would somehow be okay. Several hours, four attempted (and one sucessful) IVs, a pelvic exam, and ultrasound later, we found out that the baby was alive and well. I've never been so happy to see that little flicker of a heartbeat on an ultrasound in my life! The bleeding seemed to be slowing down, so I was sent home with instructions to drink lots of water and rest, so I did just that. Elliot blessed us by taking a 3 hour nap (probably because we had to get him up so early!) so we all napped together. We had planned on going to a pumpkin patch at a nearby Christmas tree farm, but decided to postpone until I was feeling better.

IMG_9604 copy
discharge papers.

Sunday Aaron got up with Elliot and let me sleep in until 9! When I woke up, the bleeding had stopped, and I felt much better, so we decided to take Elliot to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, Elliot's late nap meant we missed our opportunity to go to the farm that I wanted, so we had to settle for a church pumpkin patch instead. He still had a blast though.

IMG_9650 copy
Look mom, I found a gourd!

He was absolutely OBSESSED with the straw and cried whenever we tried to pick him up. He cried so hard as we finally left (after he played in the straw for over 30 minutes!), poor guy. Maybe after the new baby is born I'll just buy him a bale of hay to keep him occupied, haha!

IMG_9715 copy

IMG_9654 copy

Monday was Halloween. We had fantastic weather. Elliot wore his cow costume again and we went trick or treating in the neighborhood. He got lots of compliments and you should've seen the look on his face everytime he got to reach into a candy bowl! It was priceless.

IMG_9538 copy

IMG_9515 copy

IMG_9534 copy

IMG_9503 copy

IMG_9541 copy

Well, there you have it! A busy, scary, and (mostly) wonderful weekend! How was your Halloween??


  1. gah! so scary- i'm glad everything is ok!
    andE looked adorable!

  2. How terrifying! I'm glad everything is better now. Elliot was absolutely adorable in his costume.

  3. Glad you're doing better! I think Elliot is by far one of the cutest cows I have ever seen.

  4. So glad you and baby are fine x

    As for Elliot he should have won the contest he's the cutest cow ever ! and Love Love that shirt he is wearing x

  5. how scary! i'm so glad that everything turned out ok!!

    and what a sweet little smelly ellie. :)

  6. cute cow! so sorry you had to go through a rollercoaster of emotions ... take it easy mama!!

  7. What a cute cow!! Glad you and your new peanut are okay.

  8. so glad that baby is ok! did they tell you want happened?

    Elliot is sooooo cute

  9. I'm wondering the same...did they give you any insight as to why you were bleeding so much? That's SO scary, but what relief that the baby is fine! (and you!)

    Your hair is SO long!

    Elliot's hair is SO blonde now! :) What a cutie.

  10. Thanks everyone!
    They didn't give me any reason at all for the bleeding, other than "bleeding just happens inexplicably sometimes during pregnancy." Well thanks, doc.
    Laura- I'm about to cute some of it off. I'm just getting sick of it. And yes, Elliot is such a blondie!

  11. I'm glad everything is ok now! Saying prayers for the little peanut! and your little cow is adorable as always!!

  12. glad everything is ok! I'll being saying a prayer :) He is the cutest cow ever! Love it :))

  13. oh my goodness!!! i just saw this post[not sure why] first off let me just say i am SOO glad to hear that you & baby are both okay! i have been in that exact situation & know exactly how scary it is!!!!!!!!

    second ... what a cute baby cow you had on your hands :)


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