Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My {almost one year old|} baby boy...

You haven't seen or heard much of Elliot lately. Bad mama, bad blogger... I know. So let me tell you a little bit about what he's been up to lately.

He's a very silly little guy. And yes, I do mean little. Those jeans literally fell off of him (he kicked them off the rest of the way). They were size 6 months, and Elliot is about to turn 12 months old. So, yes, he's small. Honestly? I love it. I get to hold onto my "little baby" for longer.

IMG_0091 copy
He's a typical boy. He loves to play in the dirt (see his dirty face there?) and he loves to throw things. His hair is getting much longer, and it's very blonde. Neither Aaron or I have blonde hair, so don't ask me where he got that from.

IMG_0101 copy
He still likes to play with things he's not supposed to, like my laptop, for example. His favorite toys are his gumball machine toy (a recent purchase from Target), his Melissa & Doug wooden blocks, and his wire bead maze (a mini version of the kind in doctor's offices).

He is absolutely OBSESSED with this book. He will let you read it to him 2, 3, or sometimes even 4 times in a row. He has an extremely short attention span (we usually only make it halfway through Dr. Seuss books) so this is a big deal.

IMG_9985 copy
He also really likes to pull all the books down off his bookshelf and take all of his diapers out of their bins. He does this at least three times a day... which means I put them all back three times a day, too.

He likes clapping and waving. We also like to blow kisses back and forth.

Remember THIS?
IMG_8107 copy

IMG_0035 copy
Our cat Charlie and Elliot are still really good friends. Elliot loves to kiss, hug, and lay with him. We actually brought another kitten home recently, but Charlie still follows Elliot around most of the day.

IMG_0085 copy
Above all else, he is a HAPPY and LOVING little guy. I've never met a little boy who laughs, smiles, or gives kisses and hugs as much as he does. I love him so gosh darn much. ♥ I'm not sure how I'll be able to feel so much love for TWO! :)


  1. Seeing Charlie and Elliot together warms my heart. I want a cat so bad!

    Can't believe how light E's hair has gotten - so, so cute!

  2. I can't believe he's almost a year old! He's so cute. I love how him and Charlie are such good friends :)

  3. Your son is gorgeous.. I just read your story, and so often you see those pictures that end sadly, but I was so happy to see a happy ending.. I guess that doesn't really make sense, but I'm sure you know what I mean..

    Obviously new to your blog..


  4. I love this kid. I got one of his picture sorry for that.

    If you don't like please tell me!!!

    he will be on my blog too..


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