Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Great Name Dilemma

Naming another human being is a big responsibility. I mean, he/she will have this name for the rest of his/her life. It makes them who they are, it defines them, it is an identity. To be honest, picking the perfect name stresses me out!

Like I said before, I'm fairly confident that we're having a girl this time. Either way, we've already narrowed down our boys choices and are happy with them (Finn & Sawyer). It's the GIRL NAMES we are having trouble with. Everything I like, Aaron hates, and vice-versa. I literally FELL IN LOVE with the name Ruby, I had dreams about a little girl named Ruby, and everything... but Aaron shot it down and said we could only use it as a middle name.

What I want in a name:
- a shorter name that cannot be turned into a nickname
- we really love vintage, classic, beautiful names
- easy to pronounce and spell
- most importantly: NOT POPULAR!! (preferably not in the top 200)

Our name list is below. Please read, vote, comment, etc. Suggestions are also welcome.
VOTE on my Name List

We have an elective/gender ultrasound scheduled for January 11th, 2012!!


  1. i like lots of the names on your girl list, and i'm not trying to be snarky....but you said that you didn't want the name to be popular and most of them that you listed are. they are all really beautiful names, but unfortunately vintage-y, classic names are the trend right now.

    i do LOVE willow though. that was going to be owsley's middle name had he been a she. :)

  2. I'm 17 weeks pregnant with baby number two and my husband and I are having the same problem. It's hard!!

  3. Sorry, I forgot to add...I love the name Willow. It has always been one of my favorites. :-)

  4. Deanna... I KNOW! :( I didn't realize that Amelia, Scarlett, Harlow, and Aurora are becoming so popular now. Ada, Elsa, and Maisey are much further down the list.

  5. Elliot is a pretty popular name and you still like it right?

  6. Elliot was in the 300's his birth year and the 400's the previous year, so not really very popular.

  7. I love the name Ruby! My husband also vetoed it, but we both agreed on Paisley so it all worked out! Good luck! It's such an important decision!

  8. What about Liv Ruby?
    A friend of mine wanted to name her daughter that but changed it last minute to Saffron Liv but I LOVE the name. You have a great list! Good Luck! :)

  9. Hi Jess, I've never commented before but I think you are ADORABLE!! And I like Ruby! What about the name Odette? Or Dahlia? I like names that are a little different...and I LOVE both Finn and Sawyer (and Elliot!) so I'm sure you're on the right track!! :) Good Luck!

  10. Willow Ruby would be really pretty!

  11. Hi Jess!
    Totally understand your dilemma. Here are a few names that came to mind:


    Hope some of these help!

  12. I just had to comment! Because

    1) We love the name Ruby too- my dh has insisted for years that if we had another girl she'd have to be Ruby. But we've had 4 boys and only 1 girl! So we'll probably never get to use Ruby. Anyway, I love the name Ruby Grace. My dd's middle name is Grace.

    2) My Mother-in-law's name is Elsie Violet, and she is a beautiful, sweet lady. So I loved your choice of Elsa Violet too.

    3) I also love classic names that aren't too popular, and for girls I love old-fashioned names. But I like names you can shorten, so I don't think any on my list will suit you. The ones on my girl list are Katherine Jane so I could call her Katie Jane,and Evangeline so I could call her Vangie. Ruby, Vivien, Cosette, Josephine, and Lucy are my other favs. I love Jo from Little Women and I am a huge fan of Lucille Ball.

    4) For a boy, I love your name Finley James. James is a family name for me, and I wanted to name my current baby, who is Milo, Micah James, but dh totally vetoed both names. I'm glad now, because I love the name Milo for him, I can't imagine him being anything else now, but I still love the names James.

    Have fun deciding! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound in Jan!

  13. LOVE the name Hazel! If we had ever had a girl that would have been her name. I also recently heard the name Ashlyn and I really like that one too. For boys, I like the name Jude or Finn. Both cute!

  14. Nora? Nora Ruby?

    (Nora means 'honour' and 'light')

  15. Working with the elderly for the past 5 years, here are some female names I've encountered (in absolutely no particular order other than off the top of my head):

    -Betty (Betty Lou, Betty Ann)

  16. I haven't commented before, but have been an avid reader of your blog for nearly a year now (just before Elliot was born) He's such a cutie by the way!
    I'm a bit biased as my son is called James, who will be three soon. Have you thought about Ruby Rose, I love that name as my maiden name is Rose.

    Have fun choosing!

  17. I LOVE the name Finn and Sawyer :] Those two are definitely my favorites for your boy names.

    For the girls, I love Ruby, Scarlett, Harlow and Willow. They're all beyond beautiful names!

    have fun picking!!!

  18. Gweneth is an adorable name
    one of my favorites is Analise Elizabeth (Anna Beth for short)
    hope this helps

  19. Just found your blog! Elliot is super cute! As for a girl name, i have heard of Hollis on a few random occasions. Just thought I'd mention it. Seems to fit your criteria! :o)


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