Saturday, December 10, 2011

a quick visit from Florida!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Elliot.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. My mother-in-law called us about a week ago, wondering what we had planned this month. I told her our calendar was pretty much wide open, other than doctor appointments and Elliot and I heading home on the 26th. Not too long after, they hopped in their Prius and drove all the way here from Florida!

Elliot and Grandma.
Elliot and Grandma Karen.

It was a good visit. We took Elliot to the mall to see Santa, beneath our tree is now bursting with presents, and Grandma and Grandpa even babysat Elliot for us so Aaron and I could have a rare date night!

Post Santa.
Elliot after seeing Santa. He didn't cry at all. In fact, we even got a little smile out of him. He was delirious because he missed his afternoon nap, but surprisingly too distracted to be fussy.


We even managed to get a few quick family shots of the three of us. We have very few family pictures since Aaron was gone for so long, I'm usually behind the camera, and we don't have anyone else to take pictures for us!

Happy family of three (+1 in the belly)!

It fits!



  1. Aw. What a happy post! :D Very cute!

  2. your husbands mom has some strong genes because her son and grandson look a lot like her!!


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