Saturday, December 24, 2011

16 weeks!

HERE is my 16 week update with Elliot.

16 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks 1 day.
Baby’s Size: The size of an avocado, 4.6" and 3.5 oz.
Total Weight Gain: 6 lbs. At this point in my pregnancy with Elliot, I had gained 10 lbs. I'm hoping to gain a little less this time, so being 4 lbs lighter so far makes me happy!
Bellybutton: innie.
Stretchmarks: nope! Just started using belly butter again, too. I don't really have time to put it on as much as I did the last pregnancy, though. Right now I'm doing it at morning and night.
Maternity Clothes: Nope. I still fit into my regular leggings, jeans, and shirts. I've decided to start wearing a Bella Band with a few of my tighter jeans though. I can still button them, but it's uncomfortable.
Gender: I'm really nervous about this! I keep second guessing myself. We find out right after I get home from Michigan. I just hope I won't be too disappointed if it's another boy.
Movement: Still feeling the little one move here and there, particularly when I'm laying down on my back.
Sleep: Elliot is STILL sleeping through the night {can you believe it?!}, and I'm taking full advantage of it. I'm so tired by the time I hit the pillow that I fall asleep unbelievably fast.
Symptoms: Headaches- really bad headaches... usually in the evening. Other than that, still feeling fantastic!
Food Aversions: Nothing really stands out to me right now. I still cannot STAND the smell of our neighbors grilling out, though. It really makes me want to vomit. So weird.
Food Cravings: Anything and everything sweet. My mom has been baking up a storm and I'm SO excited to eat a few of her Christmas cookies (or 10).
Best Moments this week: Having Aaron home and spending lots of time together as a family. It's so nice to have him around to help.
What I miss: Nothing at all!
What I am Looking forward to: Heading home for the holidays on the 26th! I can't wait to see my parents, my little brothers, and my in-laws! And most of all, for them to see Elliot! He was only 6 months old the last time they saw him... and he has changed a TON since then.
Milestones: How am I already starting my fifth month of this pregnancy? It's really flying by, and it's making me a little really sad. I'm trying to live in the moment, but I honestly can't wait to actually look pregnant.


  1. omg I can't believe how fast it is going! Everyone always told me to enjoy the 1st since the 2nd and 3rd and every one after that goes so fast since you're so busy with your other kids! I'm glad to hear everything is going well so far for you! I'm so excited for you guys too! I can't wait to hear about how Elliot reacts once the baby is here.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. COngrats!!! I saw you were a sponsor on my friends Jill blog so I wanted to come by. I love your blog:) I look forward to reading more. I blog at if you want to check me out. I am now following via gfc.

  3. I've been MIA for a while. CONGRATS on the pregnancy!!! And Elliot has gotten so big and even cuter! :)

  4. what an exciting time for you and your husband this must be! Sounds like you & baby are doing great! :)


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