Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more baby names.

I seriously couldn't sleep last night because I had baby names on the brain. Sooo, here are my new name lists... some of these I like as middle names, some as first, some I'm not even entirely sure I like/would use. I'm just trying to make some big ol' lists to share with Aaron.


Flynn Finn Sawyer Cade Jude Graham
Kellan Milo Finn Porter Channing Griffin
Reese Beckett Skylar Kyler Holden Atticus
Grey Tanner Kieran James Asher

my favorites: Flynn, Sawyer, Cade, Graham
his favorites: Sawyer, Asher, Reese, Finley, Holden


Elsa Willow Eden Ada Aurora Mira
Loralie Sawyer Maisie Harlow Lenora
Hazel Eliza Ender Elsie Monroe Edie
Arden Violet Scarlett Wren Cora Mara Rose
Hadley Grace Rowen Ruby Luciana Briar

my favorites: Elsa, Ada, Hazel, Eden, Mara, Willow
his favorites: Willow, Aurora, Sawyer

Suggestions are always welcome!


  1. Love the name Luciana- Luci for short, so cute ;)

  2. I love the names that you guys have chosen as favorites! So many of them would combine to make the perfect first and middle names :-)

  3. That's so cool that ere are so many names you like! I just must be super picky cause I'm 23 weeks and can't find more than 2-3 names I like. Ha ha

  4. I have always loved the name Piper :) If Allen was a girl, thats the name we would have used!

  5. Im a new follower and OMG your son is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Love your name ideas! They are all great.

  7. You have some great names here! I especially love Milo, Sawyer, Elsa, and Hazel. Another girl name you might like (based on your list here) is Lorna. It has an exoticness and uniqueness to it while still sounding old-fashioned and timeless. I'd suggest a boy name, but those are so difficult for me to come up with! I like so many of them, but I feel like it's hard for me to find boy names that I abosolutely love.

  8. i love keiran! totally cute and unique

  9. All good names to choose from. I like the combination for a girl Aurora Willow, and for a boy Sawyer Reese. Happy Name Choosing!

  10. I like Channing as a girl's name (one of my best friend as a child had this name)-and Reese but spelled Rhys (Reese seems feminine to me). Dorian, Joaquin, Gwen, Stella, Finnigan or Phineas, Zoe, Veda, and Luna.

  11. I loove really strong names for boys. My husband and I have Troy, Wyatt, Dexter, and Leo on our list! I am not so good at girls names but Charlotte and Quinn are favorites. Good luck!


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