Monday, December 5, 2011

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

It was a rainy, cold day, so we decided to finally decorate our tree. I had visions in my head of all of these beautiful pictures with Elliot in front of the tree... but as it turns out, he wasn't in the mood. He was WAY too distracted by the tree to sit still for any pictures. So far, he hasn't tried to pull it down, thankfully. Since he isn't standing or walking on his own yet, all he does is crawl up to it, sit down, and touch the branches. He likes to take the ornaments off, though. He broke two of them. We since moved them all out of his reach, hopefully solving the problem.

This morning is my NT Scan. I am 13 weeks 3 days, so at the very very end of my "window." Hopefully they can still get the measurement. I'm not looking forward to getting my blood drawn again {last time they took EIGHT vials!}, but I'm dying to know what's going on inside my belly. I've been praying this whole time for a healthy baby and a smooth, "normal" pregnancy. This will be our first chance to screen for any birth defects. Please pray for good news! :)

EDIT:After we got Elliot set up with a sitter, drove all the way to main post, circled the hospital parking lot(s) for 15 minutes, walked from the furthest parking spot ever in the freezing cold, we arrived at my appointment just to be told that there was a "scheduling conflict" and my NT scan was rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Wow, would've been nice to know that ahead of time...

And now, for a few festive pictures! I hope to get much better ones in the next week or two.

IMG_0337 copy

IMG_0278 copy

IMG_0297 copy

IMG_0312 copy

IMG_0303 copy

IMG_0363 copy

IMG_0270 copy


  1. My NT scan is tomorrow too! I hope we both get some good news.

  2. your tree is beautiful! i love white trees, reminds me so much of all the snow. elliot is getting so big and that outfit, it's so cute!!

    Hoping your NT scan goes well!!!

  3. I'm trying to protect my ornaments too- from kittens! Glad to see that you're enjoying decorating for the holidays. And Elliot is getting so big!!! :)

  4. Such cute pictures! Will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow!

  5. Such a cutie he is! Jude hasn't broken any ornaments yet, but he likes to dive face first into the tree. lol.

  6. I LOVE your white Christmas tree...and the stratigically placed ornaments! Good luck with your NT, will be thinking about you all!


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