Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bellies pop much sooner the second time around...

13 weeks 1 day
13 weeks 1 day belly... definitely starting to show a lot sooner with the second pregnancy!

I look terrible. It's been rainy and cold here so... I haven't put much effort into my appearance lately. Aaron also has a SIX DAY weekend, so we've been lazing around the house. :) Even Elliot is staying in his jammies all day today.

Click below to see our updated name list.
VOTE on my Name List
My favorites are Ada, Elsa, and Eden.
Aaron's are Aurora, Willow, and Sawyer.


  1. With Josh I didn't start showing until quite a way into pregnancy about 20 weeks you could tell I was pregnant kind of .. I've voted, I love Finley for a boy ans Elsa for a girl :D

  2. Girl you are looking great! I love Ada and Sawyer! :)

  3. I love willow! What about piper?

  4. Yep. You look just like I did a few weeks ago when I posted my 13.5 week belly picture. Definitely POP much sooner with the 2nd! :-)

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Congrats on your pregnancy, you look beautiful!

    I love the name Willow!

  6. You look great!! I love the name list idea! Very fun! You have some really great ones picked out!! Decisions, decisions :)

  7. Ava's middle name is Aurora!
    You look great!

  8. I like Sawyer. Willow is my weaner dog's name (I like it too). You could go with Finn-it's unisex (Finn or Phineas). I've been dieing to have a girl so I can name her Luna. My boy names I like are Rhys and Phineas.

  9. Your belly is SO cute! You look adorable!! I LOVE Aurora!

  10. Love the name choices - all of them.
    I LOVE Ada - our girls Initals spell Ada - if we ever have one.

    blessings Doll - thanks for popping by the blog. email me if you want to do a guest post sometime!


  11. I love the name Sawyer! I would actually use Sawyer the next time around...but my best friend's ;ast name is Sawyer...and people would probably think i named my child after her....and that might be a little weird (she's the one that we had out sons three hours apart)...


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